Processors Intel rise in price due to lack of production capacity


Lack of capacity for the production of semiconductor products using 14-nanometer technology led to a shortage of processors Intel, which led to a significant increase in prices. According to the resource, in European retail, chips of the Coffee Lake family have risen in price by values ​​from 2% to 61%, depending on the model.

The most affordable processor Intel Core of the eighth generation – the i3-8100 – turned out to be the leader in terms of price rise. Recently, its cost has increased from 109 to 175 euros. Intel Core i5-8400 (+ 40% to 279 euros), i7-8700 (+ 33% to 425 euros), i5-8600 (+ 32% to 298 euros) and i5- 8,500 (+ 25% up to 256 euros).

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