Pavel Durov plans to create his own Internet, which cannot be blocked

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Pavel and Nikolai Durov's company is going to create a newest project in Russia, the scale of which should surpass even the famous Chinese WeChat. Its name is Telegram Open Network (TON). The social network VKontakte, created by them earlier, is just a fish in the sea compared to what ambitious individuals are planning.

The idea for the project arose after the Telegram messenger (just the first of the twelve elements of this megaproject) was subjected to rigorous checks by the state services.

TON will be outside the control of national internet regulators and cannot be blocked by classic technical maneuvers. From an ideological point of view, TON is a mini-crypto version of the World Wide Web, which includes almost all of its parts.

TON includes:

  • Gram cryptocurrency and TON Blockchain payment system;
  • a means of exchanging messages, files and content – the Telegram messenger;
  • virtual passport – TON External Secure ID (Telegram Passport);
  • storage for files and services – TON Storage;
  • own system of search by names TON DNS.

TON project

Megaproject will consist of several services

These and 6 other TON services should ensure the operation of the project in any, even adverse conditions: in case of minor failures, blocking and destruction of its autonomous elements and nodes.

TON combines messaging services, data storage, content providers, websites, the Gram cryptocurrency payment system and other services.

It is already clear that the Telegram Open Network in Russia may be banned, because Durov will not provide personal information of users, and the security system will most likely encrypt data irrevocably. But the platform is such that no one can block it, that is, people will calmly buy goods and pay for services.

To date, the new project of the Durov brothers is developing in such a way that every next implemented element of the Telegram Open Network, be it a messenger or a virtual passport, enters into a dispute with the legislation of the Russian Federation and law enforcement practice. In such conditions, it is very difficult to imagine Gram and TON Blockchain as a relevant and popular payment system in Russia. So far, only a few see its future.

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