Nvidia has released a slow-motion version of the mobile video accelerator GeForce MX250


Nvidia offers laptop manufacturers two options for the GeForce MX250 video accelerator, which differ significantly in performance. At the same time, buyers do not have the opportunity to know in advance which model is installed in a particular mobile PC, the Internet edition NotebookCheck found out.

The TDP of the standard version of the GeForce MX250 is 25W, while the modified 3D card has this figure reduced to 10W. As a result, the difference in operating speed between the two GPU variants reaches 30%.

Neither Nvidia itself nor laptop manufacturers advertise the existence of two versions of the GeForce MX250, but you can determine a specific graphics model using the GPU-Z utility. The 25W TDP version is designated 1D13 and the 10W version is designated 1D52.

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