New Vega Stealer virus: personal data of users at risk

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Recently, a new dangerous program Vega Stealer has been activated on the network, which steals all personal information of users of the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

As established by cybersecurity experts, malicious software gains access to all personal data of users: accounts in social networks, IP address and payment data. This virus is especially dangerous for commercial organizations, such as online stores and websites of various organizations, including banks.

User at laptop

The virus spreads by e-mail and can receive any data about users

Vega Stealer virus spreads via email. The user receives a letter with an attached file in the brief.doc format, and his computer is exposed to the virus. The insidious program can even take screenshots of open windows in the browser and get all information about the user from there.

Internet security experts urge all users of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to be vigilant and not open emails from unknown senders. There is a risk of infection by the Vega Stealer virus not only of commercial sites, but also of ordinary users, since this program is very easily transmitted over the network from one user to another.

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