New generation GeForce video card captured in the photo

Nvidia is in no hurry to announce a new generation of GeForce graphics accelerators, although active work on it has been going on for quite some time. One of the evidence of this was the appearance on the Web of a photo of a prototype of a video card of a new family.

GeForce 1180

The picture, which was posted by a user of the social news resource Reddit, shows a circuit board with an unusual cooling system, three 8-pin power connectors and 12 memory chips. The study of the marking on the chips confirmed the use of GDDR6 memory in the new GeForce. The total capacity of the microcircuits installed on the prototype is 12 GB, and the bandwidth is 672 GB / s, which significantly exceeds the performance of video cards of the Pascal generation. Unfortunately, the graphics chip itself is missing from the photo.

According to the latest rumors, deliveries of GeForce GTX 1180 and 1170 graphics cards, which replace the 1000th series solutions presented two years ago, could begin in August or September. This, in particular, is indicated by information received through unofficial channels from key partners of Nvidia.

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