New features of Google Chrome 67: what the browser got after the update

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Google Corporation announces regular updates to its products with enviable regularity. So, on June 1, 2018, the 67th version of Google Chrome for Windows, Linux, MacOS and all modern mobile platforms saw the world. The developers did not confine themselves to cosmetic changes in the design and functionality of the menu, as was the case before, but offered users several new and unusual solutions.

Differences between the 66th and 67th versions

The main innovation of mobile Google Chrome 67 is a completely updated interface with horizontal scrolling of open tabs. In addition, the latest security protocol is integrated into both the desktop and mobile assemblies, preventing communication between open web pages and providing reliable protection against Specter attacks. After registration, the Web Authentication standard will be available on most sites, which allows you to do without entering passwords.

Apps on a mobile device

The updated browser has a horizontal scrolling of open tabs

Owners of virtual reality gadgets and other external smart devices are offered new API Generic Sensor and WebXR systems. They allow the browser to receive information directly from sensors, sensors and other information input systems, quickly process it, use it to navigate the Web or change preset parameters.

Installing Google Chrome Update

Google Chrome app logo

In the mobile version of the application, you can manually change the interface

It is enough to update computer assemblies of the program through the official website, they will immediately receive all the described functionality. After downloading an update to the mobile version, for example, from the Play Store, you will need to manually change the interface. To do this, enter the text 'chrome: // flags / # enable-horizontal-tab-switcher' in the address bar of the application and press Enter. You can cancel the action with the command 'chrome: // flags / # disable-horizontal-tab-switcher'.

Horizontal scrolling will be especially convenient for owners of smartphones with large screen sizes, as well as phablets and tablets. By default, that is, without additional activation, it will become available only in the 70th version of Google Chrome, the announcement of which is scheduled for September this year.

Time will tell how convenient the new interface is and how the rest of the program's updates will show themselves. Hopefully, Google employees will regularly delight users with new features of their developments.

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