New AMD APUs Lit Up in 3DMark Database


The well-known insider Tum Apisak discovered in the 3DMark graphics benchmark database mentions of three unannounced AMD processors with integrated graphics.

Information on new AMD processors from 3DMark database

Two of the three new products – RX-8125 and RX-8120 – are part of the Cato family. Both chips carry eight processor cores on board without SMT support, but have different operating frequencies. Thus, the RX-8125 operates at a frequency of 2300-2395 MHz, while the same figure for the RX-8120 is 1700-1796 MHz. In terms of their characteristics, the processors are similar to the APU Jaguar, which are equipped with the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles.

The third chip discovered in 3DMark is called A9-9820 and belongs to the Radeon RX 350 series. It also has eight cores without SMT support and operates at the same frequencies as the RX-8125 – 2300-2395 MHz. Most likely, the A9-9820 will be targeted at desktop PCs, while the other two processors are intended for embedded systems.

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