Modern watch from Samsung with a wide range of features


The first smartwatches worked only in combination with a smartphone, but modern models are themselves a platform for applications, have a bright screen. A prime example is the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smart watch. A wide range of functions, sports modes are combined in one compact body.

Bright design of the new model

The design will appeal to many: the body has become more aggressive, it features a gear navigation ring for control. Smart watches can be worn by both men and women. This wrist accessory goes well with any type of clothing. In addition, you can always change the strap. 22mm straps fit the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.

The display of the novelty has a high clarity and image detail. If you choose the function of permanent display of the dial on the screen, then the model can be easily confused with a conventional mechanical watch! The screen is protected by shockproof glass.

The navigation ring is used to control the smart watch. You can change modes, applications, leaf through lists by rotating the ring in the desired direction. Also, two buttons are used for control. One of them takes you back and the other takes you to the main screen. You can always select the desired icon by touching the touchscreen, but users claim that using the rotating ring is much more convenient.

There are more than 15 different watch faces in the device memory, and their list is constantly growing. You can always download new free versions or download paid ones from Galaxy Apps. The dial displays not only the time, but also other important information for the user. You can always use the widgets by turning the ring to the right. Turning to the left brings you to the notification center. Swiping your finger down opens a panel with options (like modern smartphones).

Data exchange with other devices and other watch parameters

To connect a smartphone, Bluetooth and a special application from the manufacturer are used. The amount of RAM must be at least 1.5 GB, and the Android version is higher than 4.4. Exynos 7270 processor in combination with 768 MB of RAM ensures fast operation of all applications.

Smart watch Samsung Gear S3 Frontie

Among the basic functions of the gadget, it is worth highlighting:

  • the calendar;
  • reminders;
  • weather;
  • alarm clock;
  • gallery;
  • messages;
  • player;
  • phone;
  • S Voice.

The last two apps let you use the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier like a wireless headset. The quality of the speaker is sufficient to make a call while driving or at the moment when the smartphone is far away. New programs for the platform are released regularly.

Sports model features

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier watch is not only a smart gadget, but also a device that monitors the health of the owner. The wrist accessory tracks the wearer's physical activity: heart rate, distance traveled, sleep phases. The gadget will track the amount of water or coffee drunk during the day. The S Health app monitors vital parameters, which is displayed in the corresponding charts, shaded in green.

Athletes can watch running, cycling, exercising, squats, push-ups, jumping, and a variety of other exercises. The accuracy of the heart rate monitor is on par with the chest straps. Various operating modes can be set during sports activities. The Samsung watch will inform the owner of the calories burned and the distance traveled.

Simply put, the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is a smart and stylish gadget that will appeal to both athletes and people far from sports.

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