Microsoft left users Windows 7 with old PCs without updates

The operating system Windows 7 released in 2009 will continue to receive updates until at least 2020, but only owners of relatively new PCs will be able to install them. Users of computers based on processors older Intel Pentium 4 will have to be content with the updates already available, ComputerWorld reports.

Officially, she did not report the termination of support for outdated PCs Microsoft, but now an attempt to install fresh updates on them leads to an error. The problem, as it turned out, lies in the SSE2 processor instruction set, which are required for the latest 'patches' to work, but are not supported by older processors.

Earlier, we recall that Microsoft forbade its employees to answer questions from visitors to the technical support forum about Windows 7, 8.1 and 8.1 RT, old Office releases and Internet Explorer 10. From now on, look for solutions to problems with with these software, users will have to independently.

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