List of useful add-ons and plugins for Mozilla Firefox that you might find useful

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Mozilla Firefox is a popular browser that is convenient and fast. This collection contains useful add-ons and plugins, with which you can expand the set of functions of the program.


Blocking ads on the site using Adblock

Plugin blocking intrusive ads reduces the risk of PC infection with malicious applications

Popular ad blocker. Removes annoying ads – banners, video inserts and everything that interferes with a quiet viewing of content. In addition to direct advertising, Adblock prevents scripts from analyzing the data you enter on sites (they are usually recorded and then shown in ads).

Anonymizers Hola, anonymoX, Browsec VPN

The Hola application allows you to enter a site that is blocked for one reason or another in a country or region.

Hola extension

The extension increases surfing speed and blocks ads

The anonymoX plugin changes the dynamic IP address of a computer, which can be useful for surfing the Internet anonymously. Automatic and manual configuration available.

AnonymoX extension

The extension makes it possible to change your IP address by connecting to a proxy server

Browsec VPN is an application for accessing blocked sites. The extended paid version of the product allows you to increase the speed and select the country, and also provides a dedicated channel.

Browsec VPN extension

The extension encrypts traffic and helps to gain access to prohibited sites

All three extensions work efficiently and provide the ability to safely surf the Internet without leaving a trace, but Browsec VPN connects to sites faster than others.

Easy Video Downloader

Easy Video Downloader App

Easy Video Downloader downloads files from any site, unlike its counterpart Savefrom

An application especially appreciated by movie, TV and music lovers. It is capable of downloading media files from a page where direct download is not provided.


Savefrom plugin

One of the key features of the Savefrom plugin is the ability to choose the video quality

Plugin for downloading media files (music and video). Convenient because after installation the download buttons are embedded in the site interface. In Vkontakte, YouTube, Odnoklassniki, there are corresponding links for downloading files.

The app is especially useful for those who want to download videos from Instagram, since this function is not available in the service itself.

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager Service

The plugin's built-in generator generates random long passwords that prevent hacking

If you forget site logins and passwords, LastPass Password Manager will fix the problem. Data is securely encrypted and stored in the cloud. In fact, the only password you'll remember is from LastPass itself.

A big plus of the plugin is its multiplatformity. If you also use Firefox on your smartphone, you can synchronize the manager and log in to any site from your list.

Awesome Screenshot Plus

Awesome Screenshot Plus App

The plugin is easy to use and does not load the browser, it works without freezing

Screenshot application. Awesome Screenshot Plus allows you not only to take a screenshot of a specific area, but also the entire browser window, as well as individual elements on the page. The plugin has a built-in simple editor with which you can outline important details in the photo or add text notes.


ImTranslator plugin

ImTranslator plugin accesses the Google database, which makes the translation the most accurate and understandable

If Chrome and Yandex Browser have a built-in translator, then this function is not provided for Firefox users. The ImTranslator plugin can translate a whole page from a foreign language or a selected piece of text.

Visual bookmarks

Plugin 'Visual Bookmarks'

The plugin has a feed of personal recommendations

Yandex plugin that allows you to make a panel with frequently used sites your home page. It has a lot of settings – you add the necessary bookmarks yourself, you can put a background from a huge gallery of high-quality images (live wallpapers are also available), choose the number of tabs displayed.

Popup Blocker Ultimate Plugin

Popup Blocker Ultimate plugin blocks any pop-ups

Some sites have scripts installed that launch pop-up windows with offers to buy something on the resource itself, about a paid subscription, etc. Some notifications pop up at regular intervals, even if you have repeatedly closed them. Popup Blocker Ultimate just solves the problem – blocks any notifications on the site.

Dark Reader

Dark Reader plugin

Dark background Dark Reader reduces eye fatigue during prolonged PC work and web browsing at night

Plugin for changing the background on the site. You can put in a dark base by adjusting the hue and saturation as you see fit. Great for video sites, as the gaze no longer comes off contrasting images in the background.

Useful plugins for Firefox enhance the program's capabilities, help customize and optimize the browser for the user's needs.

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