Keyboard and touchpad not working on laptop Acer E5-575

Full model of laptop E5-575-33BM. Reinstalled Windows 7. The drivers were found but the driver was not installed on the integrated vidyahu. I decided to roll back to the stage early. Well, when I turn on the computer, to enter the password in the BIOS, the keyboard works. When I get into the BIOS, nothing. Similarly, neither the touchpad nor the keyboard works on the desktop. I ask for your help!


Expert answer:

Hello, Maxim! Due to the fact that the keyboard works when the computer starts up, it allows you to put aside the physical malfunction for now. Now, to identify the cause, a couple of key points should be clarified:

  1. When entering B IOS is the keyboard detected? (Keywords appears?)
  2. When did you hit B IOS when you press the “CapsLock” or “NumLock” keys, the corresponding indicator on the laptop case lights up?
  3. Is there a corresponding icon about the absence of a driver (a yellow triangle with a “!” Sign) in the “Device Manager”?
  4. Have you connected external input / output devices?

Since you mentioned that you encountered difficulties in installing the software drivers for the discrete graphics card, this may also be the cause of the situation. Try to connect an external usb mouse and install the video card software, and generally check the relevance of the drivers of all components using any software convenient for you: driver booster, DriverPack Solutions.

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