It became known why the finalists of the World Cup are not in FIFA 19


This was announced by the representative of the Croatian Football Federation.

The Croatian national team is not represented in the series of football simulators since FIFA 12. It would seem that this year's World Cup, in which the drafts won silver medals, should have changed the situation, but alas.

According to Tomislav Patsak, the federation was negotiating with Electronic Arts, but the parties could not come to an agreement that would suit everyone. In other words, EA spared money to buy the license for the Croatian national team.

Croatia is not the only top-tier national team not represented in the game: something similar happened with the Brazilian national team. But if the Balkan team is not in the game at all (although, of course, all the players are in place in the clubs), then in the case of the Brazilians, EA acquired a license for the emblem and uniform of the national team, but all the players, with the exception of Neymar, are not real in it.

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