InWin Sirius Loop ASL120 fan is equipped with two-sided RGB lighting


InWin, specializing in the production of computer cases and power supplies, has introduced the 120mm Sirius Loop ASL120 case fan. One of the notable features of the novelty is the customizable RGB lighting installed on both sides of the ring casing.

InWin Sirius Loop ASL120

InWin Sirius Loop ASL120

InWin Sirius Loop ASL120 is built on the basis of a sleeve bearing that can work up to 30 thousand hours non-stop. With PWM, the impeller speed can be adjusted from 500 to 1800 rpm. The maximum noise level in this case is 27 dBA, and the volume of air flow is 1.4 cubic meters per minute.

The turntable is already on sale in the US for a suggested price of $ 9.5.

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