Insufficient performance of the ASUS X751MA laptop


I recently purchased an ASUS X751MA laptop with the characteristics: 8 GB of RAM, processor Intel n3540 4 cores, video card Intel HD graphics.

Later, I ran into such a problem that the laptop categorically refuses to play games. Even for comparison: in order to play the well-known World Of Tanks, I need to choose the lowest graphics settings, while on a laptop three times weaker I could play on medium ones. I can only play games from the 2000s. Everything else slows down. The drivers were downloaded from the official website for the latest updates. Also, I cannot recognize the series of my video card, because everywhere it is simply written Intel HD Graphics. The graphics card performance is not displayed in the task manager. She's not there at all. B IOS is not a custom one and I do not have discrete video settings in it. Tell me, what could it be? How to solve this problem? Since, excuse me, I hardly believe that this is not being solved, otherwise there is simply no point in such characteristics of the processor and RAM. Note: a friend has a similar laptop with the same video card, but a slightly weaker processor and 6 GB of RAM, but at the same time everything works and pulls for him. Thanks for attention


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Hello Evgeny!

Let's start with the fact that the ASUS X751MA laptop, even at a stretch, cannot be called 'Gaming'.

The processor Intel Pentium N3540 is only suitable for surfing the Internet and working with office products, and Intel HD Graphics only confirms that it will not work to achieve high performance from your laptop, no matter how you try and no matter how much RAM it has.

But the question is different. Laptops, even with even more budgetary specifications, can maintain an optimal level of performance with games released 5-7 years ago, the main thing is optimization.

You should pay attention to this article and, if the situation does not change, then provide more information about what exactly you have done.

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