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The essence of the problem: everything was in order in the games, but one day everything changed, the textures became sharp and the picture began to break in places, although I didn’t change anything from the previous game at all, there was just a problem from scratch. Already reinstalled steam / firewood / Windows / cleaned the PC, changed the nvidia settings, settings (vertical sync, triple buffering), downloaded old firewood to nvidia (thought in new troubles) changed the video card, monitor. In general, I did EVERYTHING from the standard list, are there any other methods of dealing with this, guys, and what could this be related to? P.S. Nothing overheats, the whole system is fine. I tested all the hardware, called the master, but he did not find anything, and could not cope with the problem. In movies, large pixels appear on the screen mostly against a black background. Is it possible that the problem is in the motherboard?


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Hello Igor! As you, for sure, understand nothing can arise from scratch, there is always a causal relationship. With a high degree of probability, the problem lies in the processor, and not in the motherboard. Have you tried switching from discrete to integrated graphics or vice versa? Send your computer configuration and processor test logs, or you can use any tool convenient for you, for example “Diagnostic Program Intel ® Processor Diagnostic Tool” (for processors from Intel, respectively).

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