If you're tortured by slow internet: 4 ways to improve your home Wi-Fi signal

Wi-Fi, despite its convenience, has its drawbacks. They often appear due to ignorance of the interface features, which leads to a decrease in Internet speed. But there are ways to improve your home Wi-Fi signal.

If you're tortured by slow internet: 4 ways to improve your home Wi-Fi signal

The right place

The Internet may slow down due to the wrong location of the router. It should not be placed in a niche or surrounded by walls. Shielding barriers also underestimate the speed: mirrors, metal objects, TV, microwave and aquarium.

It is better to install the router in the center of the apartment in a free space at a height so that the coverage is uniform across all rooms. So, if the device is installed on a shelf in a cabinet, move it up and do not place it in the corner of the room. If there is no such place, build a shelf for it, and some models can be mounted directly on the wall.

You can determine the signal quality and installation location using the special NetSpot program. It is free for non-commercial use and available for operating systems Windows and Mac.

Free channel

Wi-Fi is transmitted over certain frequency channels. And if there are still routers nearby that use the same, for example, neighboring ones, then this will slow down data transfer.

You can study the channel load using the Insider utility. This is a free signal scanner available for Windows. The program analyzes the congestion of the available Wi-Fi channels, building clear graphs with which it is easy to set the least loaded option in the router settings.

Signal amplifiers

Another reason may be weak transmitter power. There are several ways to amplify the signal in such cases.

The easiest way is to buy a repeater or signal amplifier. But do not confuse the devices: the first transmits the received signal further, without amplification, unlike the second device.

You can build a homemade reflector from a metal can, for example, beer or lemonade. To do this, remove the bottom by sawing around the edges and make one cut along the can. Bend the resulting structure with an arc and put the cover hole on the router antenna.

Checking the router's performance

Check the settings of the router, there may be a limitation of the wireless communication speed by channels. Also measure the speed of the Internet connection, both by cable and by Wi-Fi. But before checking, turn off all other data channels to minimize errors.

The router may become outdated and not support high speed. To find out the relevance of the device, find its characteristics, they are indicated in the passport or on the manufacturer's website. Pay attention to the frequency of the Wi-Fi transmitter: the old models have a frequency of 2.4 GHz and a speed of up to 600 Mbps, and the new ones – 5 GHz with a transmission of up to 2.5 Gbps. And it is the old ones that are often cluttered with neighboring devices, limiting the speed of an already slow connection. If there is support for the 5 GHz band, change to it. Otherwise, it makes sense to think about buying a new device.

It is impossible to check the hardware yourself without special knowledge. But you can reinstall the drivers for the operating system or change the firmware. But first, try restarting your device. This will help in case of program crashes. The firmware is downloaded on the official websites of the manufacturers, the main thing is to choose the right model, and it is easier to update or roll back the drivers in the device manager.

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