If you are tired of advertising on websites: how to disable banner display

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Excessive advertising on web pages makes it difficult to work properly and distracts from finding important information. A variety of applications and services will help ensure a comfortable use of the Internet without annoying pop-up windows.

If you are tired of advertising on websites: how to disable banner display

Blocking ads in Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser users can resolve this issue in two ways.

First, to complain about interfering blocks on the site: right-click on the block and click 'Complain' in the menu that opens. These steps should be repeated for every ad that annoys the user.

Second way: in the main menu select the option 'Hide obstructing ads'. In the window that opens with a thumbnail of the page, click on the blocks. To confirm the action, click the 'Hide' button.

To prevent ads from appearing when you open each new tab, in the general menu, go to 'Settings' → 'Interface' → 'New Tab' → 'Advertising Settings'. In the 'Home and New Tab' section, disable the 'Show' option.

These actions will take no more than a minute, but at the same time they will provide a comfortable work with web pages.

Ban on displaying banners in Google Chrome

There are several ways to get rid of annoying ads. The easiest option is to adjust the standard options. In the general menu, in the 'Settings' section, in the 'Personal data' item, select 'Content settings'. In the 'Pop-ups' row, check the blocking function.

You can install additional extensions such as Adblock, Adblock Plus or Adguard. To do this, find a suitable application in the 'Extensions' menu item and click the 'Add' button.

An antivirus with an Internet protection function is another option that allows you to improve the work with the site, because it can remove a large number of ads.

If, after all the manipulations, some banners still continue to display, clear the Google Chrome cache and cookies.

Blocking ads in the Opera

Opera, like Google Chrome, installs special applications through the browser menu. In addition to extensions, there are also standard functions. To use them, you need to enter the general menu and select the 'Settings' section. In older versions of Opera, pop-up blockers are set in the “Websites” section, and in newer versions, in the “Privacy Protection” line. The Exception Management feature allows certain advertisements to be left on certain resources.

The anti-virus programs installed on the device will do an excellent job with unwanted ads in Opera.

Block ads in Internet Explorer

You can use both additional extensions and built-in capabilities.

Internet Explorer effectively blocks unnecessary information with Tracking Protection. The filter is based on the use of special Tracking Protection Lists, which help get rid of annoying banners.

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