I checked the strength of the protective glass and made sure that you cannot completely trust him


Not so long ago I bought myself a new one iPhone and, naturally, I immediately wanted to take care of its reliability and safety, so I additionally bought myself a cover for it and put on a protective glass. There was no limit to the joy of a new purchase, but during the same month the protective glass simply crumbled into small pieces during operation. This incident made me think about changing the glass manufacturer.

I checked the strength of the protective glass and made sure that you cannot completely trust him

After I walked around a bit with a brand new 'apple' without protection, I decided to order three new protective glasses from AliExpress at once. I found a seller with good reviews, he had many different products for different models of iPhones, the prices were quite reasonable. The goods reached me very quickly, which inspired optimism. But after a month and a half, I was no longer in such a good mood. It's simple: during this time, all three protective glasses, one by one, fell into disrepair.

It was then that my friends and I had the idea to conduct a so-called crash test and check whether the protective glass really effectively protects the phone's screen from damage. We got hold of some old cell phones Xiaomi. Some of them worked with their last strength, others did not work at all. In short, there was essentially nothing to lose. It was easier to buy new phones (which, by the way, each of us did) than to repair these androids.

I checked the strength of the protective glass and made sure that you cannot completely trust him

Our crash test began with a fairly simple procedure: rubbing and tapping a five-ruble coin on the glass. We, of course, did not beat our smartphones with all the dope, but simply imitated the contacts that usually happen in everyday life. All samples passed the first test with dignity, and, most importantly, the screens of the phones were intact. Even the glass itself remained intact.

Then we decided to complicate the task and began to carry out the same manipulation using a small wrench with dimensions 8 on one side and 10 on the other. And here one of the gadgets gave up. Maybe we overdid it, but the fact remains: the screen of one of the phones was also slightly damaged, the protective glass did not help fully.

After that, a small, but sharp little folding knife was used. Against such an impact, all the glasses were powerless, it was even possible to divide the entire surface into squares and play with them in sea battle. All samples were unusable, but the screens remained intact, even without scratches.

Not calming down, we continued to mock on our gadgets. First, they poured various liquids on them, including alcohol – no results at all. Water did not hit the surface of the screen itself, the protective glass took the blow. After that, they decided to use various solid objects and changed their tactics. If before that we tried to disable all the displays by small but frequent taps, cuts and other actions, now we decided that we need to make one fairly strong blow. The result was not long in coming: all protective glasses were damaged, but the screen cracked only on one of the phones.

Another test for our smartphones was the fall from the height of human growth. The phones fell flat at first. The result surprised many: not only the screens remained intact, but also some protective glasses. A completely different situation was when hitting the side panel (including as a result of a fall from the second floor). In this case, not a single screen could withstand such torment, all displays were damaged, only the degree of damage was different.

It should be noted that according to the results of our crash tests, we have identified a number of interesting patterns. Firstly, the glued glass protects from scratches by glass and from aggressive substances. Secondly, when falling flat from a low height and light blows, the screen is also damaged, but not so much (that is, the glass itself is damaged, but if you remove it, the smartphone screen remains in working order). When the phone is hit hard at the end or when it falls from a great height (from 2-3 floors), the glass does not protect at all and the screen under it is also covered with large cracks.

By the way, in total we used about 20 protective glasses and 6 smartphones in our experiment. Thanks to them for their long and loyal service for the benefit of science.

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