How you can use Viber on a computer without a phone

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'Viber' is the most popular messenger for free calls, chatting, text messages and files. Not everyone knows that Viber can be installed and used not only on the phone, but also on the computer.


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Can I use 'Viber' on a computer

Viber can be installed on a PC using either a phone or an emulator. Let's consider both methods.

Installing on a computer using a phone

Viber official website

On the official Viber website, you can find a version of the application for any operating system

To install Viber on a PC using your phone, do the following:

  1. Go to the official Viber page and download the installation file for your operating system.
  2. Run the downloaded file. In the dialog box that appears, check the box under the license agreement (1) and click the Install button (2). Installing the app

    Application installation is impossible without a license agreement

  3. Wait for the program to finish installing on your computer and run it. You will be prompted to go through the authorization process. To the question 'Do you have Viber on your smartphone?' answer 'Yes'. If your phone does not have Viber, install it, and only then continue authorization in the computer version of the program. First launch of the Viber application

    The application activation method is available both with the use of the phone and without it.

  4. In the next dialog box, enter your phone number (1) associated with your account, and click on the 'Continue' button (2): Application authorization

    The application is activated by the phone number associated with the account

  5. After that, a request will appear to activate Viber on an additional device. In the dialog box, select the 'Open QR Scanner' button. Activation on an additional device

    The QR code is used in the activation process on additional devices

  6. Point your phone at the QR code image on the PC screen. Scanning will happen automatically.
  7. To make all chats appear in the PC memory, synchronize the data. Data sync

    To ensure that these apps are regularly updated on all devices, you need to sync

  8. The phone displays a synchronization request that you need to confirm. After successful synchronization, you can use the messenger.

No phone

To install Viber on a PC using an emulator, do the following:

  1. Download the free version of Viber for your personal computer. When the dialog box appears asking 'Do you have Viber on your mobile phone?', Minimize it. Viber version for computer

    Before starting the installation of the application without a phone, you need to download an emulator for 'Android'

  2. Now install the emulator for the system Android on your computer. Power users use the BlueStacks platform. Can I use BlueStacks

    BlueStacks is a unique mobile app experience with excellent performance

  3. After downloading the distribution, the platform is installed as usual software. During the installation process, agree to all terms and conditions and indicate the location of BlueStacks. Installing the emulator

    No additional conditions are required to install the BlueStacks emulator

  4. Launch BlueSacks on a computer, enter – Viber – in the platform search bar – and select an application. Emulator for the Android operating system

    Through the emulator, you can run absolutely any mobile application on your computer

  5. They go to the Play Store through their Google account and download Viber. Because of the emulator, the app store will think that the messenger is being downloaded to the smartphone. Downloading the messenger

    After installing the emulator, you can download applications to your computer directly from Google Play

  6. When the installation of the messenger is over, a window will appear asking for a phone number. Fill in the window, indicate your country. Authorization by phone number

    Verification code is required for secure connection with the app

  7. A confirmation code will be sent to the specified phone, which will need to be duplicated in the BlueStacks window. Click on the 'Continue' button. End of installation

    After confirming the authorization of the account, synchronization is automatically configured

  8. After that, open the previously minimized Viber installation window on your PC and, without closing the emulator, click 'Yes'. Getting started with the application

    The authorization code is sent to the emulator preinstalled on the PC when the program is first started

  9. Look into the messenger in the emulator, the authorization code should come there. Enter this code in the installation window for the stationary version of Viber. The messenger will automatically start and you can use it.

Configuring the messenger

To fully use the messenger, the user needs to set up his account. To do this, you need to click on the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the desktop and enter the program settings. A dialog box with four tabs will appear on the screen: 'Account', 'Viber Out', 'Audio & Video', 'Privacy', 'Notifications'.

Click on the 'Account' tab. If you want Viber to start every time the system boots, check the box (1). Change the background of the working window (2) to your liking, select the program language (3) and activate or deactivate the autoloading of photos and videos (4).

Settings Dialog Box

The main application settings are in the 'Account' tab

The Viber Out tab is for managing payments. Here you can top up your account balance, view information about the current tariff, calls and payments.

Payment management

In the Viber Out tab, you can also view information about the cost of calls to one or another country.

The 'Audio and Video' tab is intended for testing and adjusting sound and video.

Settings 'Audio' and 'Video'

In the 'Audio and video' tab, you can make a separate setting for each of the items

The next tab is for privacy management. Here you can clear all verified contacts (1), agree or refuse to collect analytic data (2), get more information about the privacy policy (3), or deactivate the messenger on your computer (4).

Configuring privacy settings

The 'Privacy' tab also allows you to work with applications on other connected devices

The last tab allows you to manage notifications and sounds.

Configuring alerts

You can manage alerts and sounds on all devices from the 'Notifications' tab

After configuring the program, return to the program desktop.


The main buttons that you need to work with the program are highlighted in the following figure with a red frame. They are called 'Conversations', 'Public Accounts' and 'More'.

Application desktop

On the main desktop of the application there are buttons 'Chats', 'Contacts', 'Calls' and 'Public menu'


The Conversations button brings up a list of your recent contacts on the desktop. With it, you can view recent conversations, answer calls, initiate calls.

To start a chat with someone from your list of contacts – find him in the list and click on the avatar. After that, in the central part of the desktop, a dialog window with this contact will open, and on the right side – his enlarged photo and some additional data. To send a message to the addressee, you need to type it in the field located at the bottom of the window and click on the round button with the arrow in the messenger or on the Enter button on the computer keyboard.

When the message is delivered to the addressee, the message 'Delivered' will appear below it, and if the addressee reads it – 'Viewed'.

On the left side of the field for entering messages there are three icons: '+', '@' and a cute face (see the next screenshot). Using the '+' icon, you can load text, graphics and music files into the dialog box. The '@' icon is for finding stickers, videos, gifs, interesting news and information about films.

Section 'Conversations'

The very first button on the desktop is the 'Conversations' button or in other words 'Chats'

The pictogram in the shape of a funny face provides access to a set of stickers for all occasions.

In-app stickers

The icons in the message field allow you to use the available chat options

The set of stickers in Viber is regularly updated.

Public accounts

The next desktop button is for working with public accounts.

Public account management

Public account is the same as communities on social networks

Here are the chats of film actors, politicians, musicians, journalists and other public figures. You can create your own public account and combine users by interest, friends or colleagues in it.

Additional functions

If you click on the '…' button with the name 'More', you will see a window of additional settings. In this window, you can change your avatar (1), invite friends from social networks (2), dial a subscriber's number not from the address book (3), see a list of all your contacts (4) or go to the messenger settings (5).

Additional Viber features

To quickly go to the messenger settings, you can use the 'More' or '…'

Thus, Viber is a simple and easy-to-use messenger that can be installed on both a phone and a computer. Regardless of the installation method, Viber will delight the user with wide functionality and pleasant minutes of communication with pen pals.

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