How to watch TV over the Internet on a computer

2016-05-08 13_48_01-TV set Hello.

A computer is a versatile device that can replace many others: a phone, a video player, a game console and, most importantly, a TV! To watch TV on a computer, you can do two things:

  • install a special set-top box (TV tuner) and connect a TV cable to it;
  • using the Internet to find the desired site on the network with the desired channel broadcast and watch it.

In this article, I would like to dwell on the second method and talk about it in more detail. Moreover, it is free (you don't need to buy anything in addition, except for an Internet connection), which means it is available to a wide range of users. So…

Important points! 1) For high-quality viewing of online TV, you need a high-speed Internet connection – at least 8 Mbit / s (I indicated this speed based solely on my experience. In some cases, you can be content with less, but usually this less is not enough). To check your internet speed, use the tips from this article:

2) When viewing TV via the Internet – be prepared for the fact that the programs you are watching will be 'late' by 15-30 seconds. (least). In principle, this is not critical, but for example, when watching football (hockey, etc.), it can cause some inconvenience (for example, if neighbors also watch TV, then you can find out a little earlier about a goal scored).

Ways to watch online TV

Method number 1: official sites

Most of the popular TV channels have their own websites. On such sites, you can usually watch online TV broadcasts. To watch it, you don't even need to press anything: just follow the link and wait until the stream is loaded and the broadcast starts (it takes about 10-30 seconds, depending on the speed of your Internet channel).

First channel


2016-05-08 14_01_56-First

There is probably nothing to comment on here. One of the most popular Russian TV channels, it covers all the most important and popular that is happening in Russia and the world.

Russia 1


2016-05-08 14_06_05-russia

In addition to the main TV channel, other TV channels are available on the site: History, Sports, Cartoons, Culture, Bestseller, Detective, etc. To watch online TV – click on the 'Live broadcast' button (located in the center of the top menu of the site).



2016-05-08 16_07_27-ntv

One of the most popular TV channels in Russia, which began broadcasting in 1993. The TV channel shows many popular TV series, news, programs about stars, etc.

TV Center


2016-05-08 16_14_50-tvc

Russian federal TV channel. Previously called TVC. The overwhelming majority belongs to the Moscow Government.



2016-05-08 16_17_36-TNT

It is one of the five most popular TV channels in Russia and is currently in fourth place in the list of national channels. There are a lot of different 'scandalous' programs, comedy and humorous series.




The largest federal TV channel. The channel shows many patriotic programs, news related to military developments, the secrets of the universe of space, etc.

Method number 2: sites that broadcast TV

There are a lot of such sites on the network, I will focus on the most popular and convenient (in my opinion).



2016-05-08 16_30_36-Eye TV

One of the best sites representing many Russian channels for viewing. Judge for yourself: there is no need to register, the channels are shown in good enough quality, they are sorted by rating and ratings, the broadcast goes without 'jerks' and brakes.

A screenshot of the channel rating is shown below.

Channel selection ...

Channel selection …

By the way, I will add that you can watch not only Russian TV channels, but also many other countries. For example, this is very useful for those who are studying foreign languages ​​(well, or if you left and are now not in your country?).



2016-05-08 21_08_16-SPB

Also very, very not bad service. There are dozens of channels for you, a cool online broadcasting page: you immediately see what and on which channel they are showing (moreover, the frames change online), the site works smartly and the video is of sufficient quality.

Channel List

Channel list.

There is, however, one drawback: to watch TV you need to register. On the other hand, is it really a big difficulty and time consuming? And if so, I recommend it!



2016-05-08 21_12_21-OnTV

I decided to add this site as well, as it will be useful for those who have not very fast Internet. Even if your Internet speed does not exceed 1 Mbit / s, then you can certainly watch TV from this site!

True, the list of channels is not as large as the first two, but the opportunity is there! In general, I recommend using it.

2016-05-08 21_14_43-Channel list (note the speed)

Channel list (note the speed).

Method number 3: using special programs

There are dozens of such programs (if not hundreds). The good ones among them can be counted on one hand. I want to dwell on only one of them …

RusTV Player



A very convenient program that contains hundreds of TV channels! As shown in the screenshot below, the channels are sorted into different categories: public, scientific, sports, cinema, etc. All you need to do is launch the program, choose the topic that interests you and start broadcasting the desired Internet TV!

RusTV Player: watching TV programs.

RusTV Player: watching TV programs.

As for the picture of this TV player itself – with a sufficient Internet channel, the picture is very high quality, without interference. In general, it is pleasant and easy to use.


On this I finish the article. Who else uses what to watch TV?

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