How to watch 3D animals on your smartphone Google


Many have already become familiar with the new function of searching for 3D animals in Google. This format of a detailed study of fauna representatives delights both children and adults. Finding 3D images of the most famous animals is a snap.

What animals does Google represent

How to watch 3D animals on your smartphone Google

There are only twenty-seven of them so far – there are both predators and herbivores. The most spectacular realistic figures include a crocodile, lion, tiger, brown bear and wolf; from the water world, only shark and octopus are available so far. The smallest Google 3D users will be pleased with the voluminous figures of a hedgehog, pony, rabbit, raccoon, panda and emperor penguin. You can also meet pets there – a cat and representatives of five dog breeds.

Where to look

If you've always dreamed of seeing a life-size wolf, just type 'wolf' into Google and hit search. Scrolling down below, you will see a separate window in which it will be written: 'consider the' wolf 'model in full size'. Below there will be a button 'view in 3D', and press it. In the window that opens with a three-dimensional figure, click on the 'place at home' button. Then point the camera at the floor and follow the instructions provided.

Which phones show 3D animals

It doesn't matter if you have Samsung or iPhone, 3D viewing is not available for all phone models. To find out if your gadget is capable of displaying a 3D image, you need to check it against Google's requirements. Make sure you are signed in to your account. Your smartphone must have ARCore certification. If the 3D picture is still not displayed, check the free memory of your phone, it should be at least 1 GB.

Also, you must have at least one AR app (with 'augmented reality' features) installed on your device. If the problem persists, check the settings of the mobile Internet, namely, whether traffic billing is enabled on the device.

If your phone meets all these parameters, but the function still does not work, then the smartphone model does not support it. A list of models that do not have this feature can be found on the Internet. But even if your phone is on this list, don't be discouraged – the realism of 3D animals still leaves much to be desired.

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