How to use a smartphone Huawei without Google services


The company Huawei was blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce in May 2019. Chinese manufacturers are prohibited from using US apps. However, the company Huawei was able to withstand such a strong blow and decided to develop its own services, which were already used in China before the blocking.

How to use a smartphone Huawei without Google services


Instead of Google Play, AppGallery is used on all smartphones. It is estimated that about 80% of user needs have already been met.

At the moment, there are applications for mail, food delivery, banks, browsers, financial services, trading platforms, mobile operators, online cinemas, mail, games, but they are quite sparse.

However, important for the average person Skype, Whatsapp and other applications are missing. There is a big problem with contactless payment, but Huawei is working with this and gradually introducing its services.

Installing applications using ARC

However, the required applications can be installed using APK files. Smartphones Huawei are preinstalled with antivirus, which makes this method safer. But you shouldn't rely on it, so you should only download APK files from trusted resources.

The official versions of some applications can be downloaded from their websites. There is also an option to transfer them from an old phone using Phone Clone, but this method will not help with Google services, they will not be transferred to a new device. The Chinese company supports users and helps with installation.

Authorization without a Google account

How to use a smartphone Huawei without Google services

Though Huawei is trying to make using the devices hassle-free. But still there is one that causes many inconveniences. The lack of GMS services entails the inability to log in through Google in various accounts.

There are a number of partial solutions to the problem. The first is to launch the necessary sites through the built-in browser, which has the ability to enter through Google. It is worth remembering that not all services have the ability to log in through the site.

The second is to find a replacement. Over time, more and more such applications appear in AppGallery, but for this you need to wait.

Third is to add GMS services. There are many guides on this topic on the Internet, but they are quite difficult to use.

The fourth is to register through Google mail, but this does not always work.

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