How to use a computer without a keyboard and mouse

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It is impossible to imagine a personal computer without a keyboard and mouse. Sometimes you really want to rest your hands, dictate text with your voice or control your computer remotely, but in practice this is impossible. Some individual programs work with voice commands, but this option is more entertainment than a really useful function. It turns out that there is a very convenient way to use a PC without hands – the unique Laitis program.

How to use a computer without a keyboard and mouse

Computer voice control

Laitis works as an intermediary between your voice and your computer. The program recognizes a huge set of different voice phrases, which are translated into commands that are understandable for the operating system. This allows the user to dictate text, navigate the interface, launch applications, and perform any other functions.

For stable operation, Latius only needs an internet connection and a good microphone (or a fairly quiet room). The utility was created by a Russian-speaking programmer, so it understands Russian without any problems.

Laitis features

The application records voice in different ways:

  • automatic recording from a microphone installed on a computer;
  • recording when pressing a previously defined key;
  • recording from a telephone that is used as a remote microphone;
  • recording on any other device and transmission via special commands for Siri or Alice.

Internet is required for speech recognition, since Laitis processes the voice not on the computer itself, but using a special service from Google. If desired, you can select services from Misrosoft or Yandex as a voice center.

The program processes all input fields and supports dictating text in two ways:

  • the text can be simply dictated and inserted later via the clipboard;
  • dictate with some keys pressed.

Algorithms pay attention to pauses and their duration, on the basis of which periods and commas are automatically placed. The user can add his own short commands to autocorrect long phrases or special characters.

In addition to writing text, Laitis speaks commands by itself or simply communicates with the user. Communication is also carried out using remote voice services from Microsoft, ISpeech, Yandex and some others. By default, the functionality already contains some phrases, you can add your own combinations and turn Laitis into a real voice bot.

Of course, the application executes a huge number of commands to work directly with the computer. They are divided into several subsections:

  • basic (open a file, pronounce text, etc.);
  • input actions (press the mouse button, scroll the cursor, etc.);
  • actions in the browser (click the link, close the tab);
  • logical commands (if any program is active, do something);
  • auxiliary commands (schedule an event, write a comment).

After installing the program, the user immediately sees several main collections of the most important commands. They are quite enough for full-fledged PC control without hands. You can also create any team of your own and set up templates for other people.

Laitis control through Alice from 'Yandex'

Alice is a voice assistant from Yandex, which is found in browsers for computers and smartphones. She also has her own program, and not so long ago Yandex released a special device with Alice (a portable station).

Alice actively supports other input methods, including Laitis. To combine these two methods, turn on Alice on any device and tell her 'run the Lightis skill'.

Then you can control your computer even faster and more conveniently. For example, you say a command to your smartphone, Alice sends the phrase to Lightis, and he performs some actions on the PC, which is in another room.

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