How to update drivers in Windows 10

how to update drivers in windows 10 Hello.

This summer (as everyone probably already knows) came out Windows 10 and millions of users around the world are updating their OS Windows. At the same time, the drivers that were previously installed, in most cases need to be updated (besides, the OS Windows 10 most often installs 'own' drivers – thus not all hardware functions may be available). For example, on my laptop, after updating Windows to 10, it was impossible to adjust the brightness of the monitor – it became maximum, which made my eyes quickly tired.

After updating the drivers, the function became available again. In this article I want to give several ways to update drivers in Windows 10.

By the way, from my personal feelings, I will say that I do not recommend rushing to update Windows to 'ten' (neither have all the errors been fixed + there are no drivers for some equipment yet).

Program # 1 – Driver Pack Solution

Official website:

What this package captivates with is the ability to update drivers even if there is no Internet access (however, the ISO image still needs to be downloaded in advance, by the way, I recommend everyone to have such an image in reserve on a flash drive or external hard drive)!

If you have access to the Internet, then it is quite possible to use the option in which you need to download the program for 2-3 MB, then run it. The program will scan your system and offer you a list of drivers that need to be updated.

2015-08-30 16_43_10-DriverPack Solution - auto-installation of drivers

Figure: 1. Selecting the update option: 1) if there is Internet access (left); 2) if there is no Internet access (right).

By the way, I recommend updating the drivers 'manually' (that is, looking at everything yourself).

2015-08-30 13_16_14-Driver Pack Solution

Figure: 2. Driver Pack Solution – view a list of driver updates

For example, when I update drivers for my Windows 10, I only updated the drivers themselves (sorry for the tautology), and left the programs as they are, without updates. This option is available in the Driver Pack Solution options.

2015-08-30 13_18_11-2015-installing drivers

Figure: 3. List of drivers

The update process itself can be rather strange: the window in which the percentages will be displayed (as in Fig. 4) may not change for several minutes, showing the same information. At this point, it is better not to touch the window, and the PC itself. After a while, when the drivers are downloaded and installed, you will see a message about the successful completion of the operation.

By the way, after updating the drivers, restart your computer / laptop.

2015-08-30 13_19_08-2015-drivers installed

Figure: 4. The update was successful

During the use of this package, only the most positive impressions remained. By the way, if you choose the second update option (from the ISO image), then you will first need to download the image itself to your computer, then open it in some disk emulator (otherwise, everything is almost identical, see Fig. 5)


Figure: 5. Driver Pack Solutions – 'offline' version

Program number 2 – Driver Booster

Official website:

Despite the fact that the program is paid, it works quite well (in the free version you can update the drivers one by one, and not all at once as in the paid one. Plus there is a limitation on the download speed).

Driver Booster allows you to fully scan the OS Windows for old and not updated drivers, update them in auto-mode, make a backup of the system during the operation (in case something goes wrong and recovery is required).

2015-08-30 13_19_48-Driver Booster

Figure: 6. Driver Booster found 1 driver that needs updating.

By the way, despite the limited download speed in the free version, the driver on my PC quickly updated and was installed in auto mode (see Fig. 7).

2015-08-30 13_20_20-Driver installation process

Figure: 7. Driver installation process

All in all, a pretty good program. I recommend to use if something did not suit the first option (Driver Pack Solution).

Program number 3 – Slim Drivers

Official website:

A very, very good program. I use it mainly when other programs cannot find a driver for this or that equipment (for example, sometimes I come across optical drives on laptops, the drivers for which are quite problematic to update).

By the way, I want to warn you, pay attention to the checkboxes when installing this program (of course, there is nothing viral, but it's easy to catch a couple of programs that show ads!).

2015-08-30 13_21_07-Slim Driver - PC scan

Figure: 8. Slim Driver – you need to scan your PC

By the way, the process of scanning a computer or laptop in this utility is quite fast. It will take her about 1-2 minutes to give you a report (see Figure 9).

2015-08-30 13_21_38-Computer scan process

Figure: 9. Computer scan process

In my example below, Slim Drivers only found one hardware that needs updating (Dell Wireless, see Figure 10). To update the driver – just press one button!

2015-08-30 13_22_41-Wi-Fi driver updates

Figure: 10. Found 1 driver that needs updating. To do this, click the Download Update … button.

Actually, using these simple utilities, you can quickly update drivers on a new OS Windows 10. By the way, in some cases, the system starts working faster after the update. This is due to the fact that old drivers (for example, from Windows 7 or 8) are not always optimized to work in Windows 10.

In general, on this I consider the article completed. For additions – I will be grateful. All the most?

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