How to understand that an account has been hacked in Facebook

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Using compromised pages, hackers can not only gain access to personal information of users, but also to various sites through automatic login. Even advanced users are not insured against hacking in Facebook, so we tell you how to understand that a page has been hacked and what to do with it.

How to understand that an account in Facebook has been hacked

The following signs indicate that a Facebook page has been hacked:

  • Facebook notifies that you have logged out of your account and requires you to re-enter your username and password, although you are sure you did not log out;
  • the data on the page has been changed: name, date of birth, email, password;
  • friend requests were sent on your behalf to strangers;
  • messages were sent or posts appeared that you did not write.

From the points above, it's easy to understand that third parties have used or continue to use your social media profile. However, it is not always so obvious that others have access to your account. However, finding out if your page is being used by someone other than you is fairly easy. Let's see how to check this.

  1. Go to the settings at the top of the page (the inverted triangle next to the question mark) and select the 'Settings' item. Go to settings on Facebook

    Go to your account settings

    2. Find the 'Security and Login' menu on the right and check all the specified devices and geolocation of the entrance. Checking geolocation on Facebook

    Check where your profile was logged from

  2. If your login history lists a browser that you are not using, or a location other than yours, there is cause for concern. Geolocation points on Facebook

    Pay attention to the item 'Where you are from'

  3. To end a suspicious session, in the line on the right, select the 'Exit' button. Geolocation on Facebook

    If your location is not indicated in the geolocation, click the 'Exit' button

What to do if a page is hacked

If you are sure or only suspect that you have been hacked, the first step is to change your password.

  1. In the 'Security and Login' tab in the 'Login' section, select the 'Change Password' item. Facebook authorization settings

    Go to the item to change your password

  2. Enter the current one, then fill in a new one and confirm. We choose a complex password consisting of letters, numbers, special characters and does not coincide with passwords for other accounts. Changing your Facebook password

    Enter old and new passwords

  3. We save the changes. Changing your Facebook password

    Password must be complex

After that, you need to contact the Facebook service for help to inform the support service about the violation of the account security. They will definitely help to solve the problem of hacking and return the page if access to it has been stolen.

Topics for contacting Facebook support

Contact the technical support of the social network and report the problem

  1. In the upper right corner, select the 'Quick Help' menu (button with a question mark), then the 'Help Center' submenu. Facebook Help Center

    Go to 'Quick Help'

  2. Find the 'Privacy and Personal Security' tab and select the 'Hacked and Fake Accounts' item in the drop-down menu. Privacy and personal safety Facebook

    Go to the 'Privacy & Personal Security' tab

  3. We select the option where it is indicated that the account has been hacked, and follow the active link. Submitting a hack report on Facebook

    Click on the active link

  4. We are reporting the reason why there were suspicions that the page was hacked. Choosing options for the reasons for contacting Facebook

    Check one of the boxes and click the 'Continue' button

If you don't have access to your account

If only the password is changed, check the email that is associated with Facebook. A notification about the password change should have come to the mail. It also includes a link where you can click to undo the latest changes and get the hijacked account back.

If there is no access to mail either, we contact support Facebook and report our problem using the 'Account Security' menu (available without registration at the bottom of the login page).

Contacting Facebook support

If for some reason you do not have access to mail, contact support

Alternative way: go to using the old password and indicate why the page is suspected of being hacked.

How to prevent hacking: security measures

  • do not give your password to anyone;
  • do not click on suspicious links and do not provide access to your account for applications in which you are not sure. Even better – remove all questionable and unimportant games and applications on Facebook;
  • use an antivirus;
  • create complex, unique passwords and change them regularly;
  • if you use your Facebook page not from your computer, do not save your password and do not forget to log out of your account.

Multiple Facebook accounts

Follow simple internet security rules to avoid unpleasant situations

You can also secure your page by connecting two-factor authentication. With its help, you can enter your account only after entering not only the username and password, but also the code sent to the phone number. Thus, without having access to your phone, an attacker will not be able to log in under your name.

Facebook Authentication Settings

Without access to your phone, attackers will not be able to log into the Facebook page under your name

Taking all of these security measures will help protect your profile and minimize the possibility of hacking your Facebook page.

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