How to understand that a VK account has been hacked: practical tips and instructions

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The social network VKontakte cannot fully protect each of its users from personal data hacking. Accounts are often exposed to unauthorized management by intruders. Spam is sent from them, third-party information is posted, etc. To the question: 'How to understand that your VK page has been hacked?' You can find the answer by learning about the simple rules of Internet security.

How to understand that a page in VK is hacked

A number of characteristic features can clearly indicate that your account has fallen into the possession of a third party. Consider a few of these warning signs:

  • having an 'Online' status when you are not online. You can find out about this with the help of your friends. If you have any suspicions, ask them to more closely monitor the activity on your page; VK page

    One of the signs of hacking is online status at a time when you do not log into your account.

  • on your behalf, other users began to receive spam or mailings that you did not send; Spam on VK

    Be sure that your account has been hacked if users receive mailings from you

  • new messages suddenly become read without your knowledge; User dialogue on VKontakte

    Messages without your participation suddenly become read – another 'bell'

  • you are unable to log into your account with your own phone number and password. VKontakte authorization page

    It's time to sound the alarm if you cannot log in using your credentials

A universal way to check for hacking will allow you to track any activity on your page.

  1. Go to the settings: in the upper right corner, click on your name and select the appropriate item. VK Settings menu

    Go to profile settings

  2. In the list of headings on the right, find the item 'Security'. List of headings in VKontakte

    Go to the 'Security' section where your activity history will be displayed

  3. Pay attention to the box labeled 'last activity'. You will see information about the country, browser and IP address from which the page was entered. The 'show activity history' function will provide data on all account visits through which a hack can be detected.

What to do if a page is hacked

If you have at least one of the above signs, you should not ignore the potential danger. Protecting your personal data and regaining full control over the page will help:

  1. Antivirus check. With this action, disconnect the device from the Internet and the local network, since if the password was stolen by a virus, then your new secret set of characters may again end up in the hands of hackers.
  2. Clicking the 'End all sessions' button and changing the password (all IP addresses used on the page, except for the current one, will be blocked). Ending sessions on VKontakte

    Click the 'End All Sessions' button, all IPs except yours will be blocked

  3. You can also restore access to the page by clicking on the 'Forgot your password' tab in the main 'VKontakte' menu.
  4. The service will ask you to indicate the phone number or e-mail that you used to enter the site. Field for entering phone number or e-mail in VKontakte

    Fill in the field: you need to enter the phone number or e-mail used for authorization

  5. Enter captcha to prove that you are not a robot and the system will prompt you to come up with a new password. Google captcha on VK

    Check the box next to 'I'm not a robot'

If access to the page cannot be restored using the 'Forgot your password?' Link, then immediately contact the support service from the friend's page for help.

After successfully logging into the page, check if any important data has been deleted from it. The sooner you write to technical support, the more likely you will have them recovering.

If you send spam on your behalf, warn your friends that it was not you. Attackers could demand from your loved ones the transfer of money, photos, videos, etc.

Security measures

Outsmarting hackers and protecting yourself from them completely seems to be quite difficult, however, it is quite acceptable to increase your level of invulnerability from them.

  • Choose security password. Combine strange phrases, dates, numbers, numbers, formulas and more. Show all your imagination and you will have to tinker with hacking your data;
  • install antiviruses and scanners on your device. The most popular today are: Avira, Kaspersky, Dr.Web, Comodo;
  • use two-factor authentication. A reliable guarantee of protection against hacking will be provided by the 'Confirm password' function. Each time you log into your account, a one-time password will be sent to your phone number, which must be entered for security verification; Connecting two-factor authentication on VKontakte

    For stronger security, enable two-factor authentication

Be vigilant about your page and it is in this case that you will be able to fight off another hacker attack.

Rapid detection of a compromised page will help preserve all personal data and protect against all tricks of intruders. Tell all your friends and acquaintances about this memo to always be in virtual protection.

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