How to turn an Android smartphone into joystick mode for PC games


The prospect of playing your favorite games with a joystick has always attracted gamers from all over the world. You can buy a decent gamepad at almost any computer store. But this will definitely take time, but I want to play now.

Monect PC Remote is an application that can be a way out of this situation. This platform creates a joystick mode on the phone, which makes it possible to use the smartphone like a gamepad.

For this we need:

  • the smartphone itself;
  • Play Market application or app store;
  • the computer on which we will play.

How to turn an Android smartphone into joystick mode for PC games

Install the application

Using the Play Market, we download the Monect PC Remote application (must be downloaded to Android or IOS). Next, you need to download PC Remote Resiver to your computer. It is worth noting that for the application to work, two objects must be connected to the same network (Wi-Fi or wired connection).

Phone setup


After installation, we need to launch the application on the computer so that we can find the device from the phone. After launch, the phone will see the devices available for connection. We select your computer and connect. After these actions, the phone screen turns into a kind of touchpad, which can be controlled by the mouse pointer on the computer screen. This is a full-fledged joystick, in which there are left and right mouse buttons and other corresponding functions.

Setting up the game

To configure, click on the Layouts button. Various controls appear on the screen, where it remains to select the desired one. Also, the improvised joystick has a vibration function to fully match the original. Then you just need to go into the game and enjoy your time.

If you want to connect your joystick to PS4 again, you just need to connect it via USB cable.

In addition to a simulated joystick, PC Remote allows the owner to work at a distance from the computer and use the smartphone as a mouse. The application will also help replace the keyboard and control the volume of additional devices. PC Remote will become an indispensable assistant to turn off, restart, lock or hibernate your device.

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