How to share the Internet from phone to computer (via USB cable)

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I think almost everyone has come across such situations when it was necessary to share the Internet from a phone to a PC. For example, I sometimes have to do this because of an Internet service provider that has interruptions in communication …

It also happens that I reinstalled Windows, and the drivers for the network card were not automatically installed. The result is a vicious circle – the network does not work, because there are no drivers, you cannot load the driver, because no network. In this case, it is much faster to share the Internet from your phone and download what you need than to run around your friends and neighbors :).

More to the point …

Let's consider all the steps step by step (it's faster and more convenient).

By the way, the instructions below are for an Android phone. You may have a slightly different translation (depending on the OS version), but all actions will be performed in the same way. Therefore, I will not dwell on such small details.

1. Connecting the phone to the computer

This is the very first thing to do. Since I assume that you may not have drivers on the computer for the Wi-Fi adapter to work (Bluetooth from the same opera), I will assume that you connected the phone to the PC via a USB cable. Fortunately, it comes with every phone and you have to use it quite often (for the same phone charging).

In addition, if the drivers for the Wi-Fi or Ethernet network adapter may not get up during installation Windows, then the USB ports work in 99.99% of cases, which means the chances that the computer will be able to work with the phone much higher …

After connecting the phone to the PC, the corresponding icon on the phone usually always lights up (in the screenshot below: it lights up in the upper left corner).

Phone connected via USB

Phone connected via USB

Also in Windows to make sure that the phone is connected and recognized – you can go to 'This computer' ('My computer'). If everything is recognized correctly, you will see its name in the 'Devices and drives' list.

This computer

This computer

2. Checking the work of 3G / 4G Internet on the phone. Enter settings

To share the Internet, it must be on the phone (logical). As a rule, to find out if the phone is connected to the Internet – just look at the upper right part of the screen – there you will see the 3G / 4G icon 3G. You can also try to open some page in the browser on your phone – if everything is OK, move on.

Open the settings and in the 'Wireless networks' section open the 'More' section (see the screen below).

1-Network settings

Network Settings: Advanced Options (More)

3. Entering modem mode

Next, you need to find the function of the phone in modem mode in the list.

2-modem mode

Modem mode

4. Enabling USB tethering mode

As a rule, all modern phones, even budget models, are equipped with several adapters: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. In this case, you need to use a USB modem: just activate the checkbox.

By the way, if everything is done correctly, the modem mode icon should appear in the phone menu in modem mode .

3-Sharing the Internet via USB

Sharing the Internet via USB – work in USB modem mode

5. Checking network connections. Internet check

If everything was done correctly, then going into network connections: you will see how you have another 'network card' – Ethernet 2 (usually).

By the way, to enter network connections: press the key combination WIN + R, then in the line 'execute' write the command 'ncpa.cpl' (without quotes) and press ENTER.

network connection - network from phone

Network connections: Ethernet 2 is the shared network from the phone

Now, by launching the browser and opening some Internet page, we make sure that everything works as expected (see the screen below). Actually, the task of sharing is completed on this …

Internet is available

The internet works!


By the way, to distribute the Internet from your phone via Wi-Fi, you can use this article: https: // Many actions are similar, but still not less…

Good luck!

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