How to share a CD-Rom over a network (share it with local network users)

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Some of today's mobile devices come without a built-in CD / DVD drive and sometimes it becomes a stumbling block …

Imagine a situation, you want to install a game from a CD, and you do not have a CD-Rom on your netbook. You make an image from such a disk, write it to a USB flash drive and then copy it to a netbook (for a long time!). And there is an easier way – you can simply share (share) the CD-Rom on your computer for all devices on the local network! This is what today's note will be about.

Note. The article will use screenshots and a description of the settings from the OS Windows 10 (the information is also relevant for Windows 7, 8).

Local network setup

The first thing to do is to remove password protection for local network users. Previously (for example, in Windows XP) there was no such additional protection, with the release of Windows 7 – appeared …

Note! This must be done on the computer on which the CD-Rom is installed, and on the PC (netbook, laptop, etc.) on which you plan to access the shared device.

Note 2! You must already have a configured local network (i.e. at least 2 computers must be on the network). For more details on setting up a local network, see here: https: //

1) First, open the control panel and go to the 'Network and Internet' section, then open the 'Network and Sharing Center' subsection.

Figure:  1. Network and Internet

Figure: 1. Network and Internet.

2) Next, on the left you need to open the link (see Fig. 2) 'Change advanced sharing settings'.

Figure:  2. Center for Networks and Sharing.

Figure: 2. Center for Networks and Sharing.

3) Next, you will have several tabs (see Fig. 3, 4, 5): private, guest, all networks. You need to open them one by one and rearrange the checkboxes, according to the screenshots below. The essence of this operation boils down to disabling password protection and providing general access to shared folders and printers.

Note. The shared drive will resemble a regular network folder. Files in it will appear when a CD / DVD disc is inserted into the drive.

Figure:  3. Private

Figure: 3. Private (clickable).

Figure:  4. Guestbook (clickable).

Figure: 4. Guestbook (clickable).

Figure:  6. All networks (clickable).

Figure: 5. All networks (clickable).

Actually, the configuration of the local network is now complete. Again, such settings must be made on all PCs in the local network on which it is planned to use the shared drive (and of course, on the PC on which the drive is physically installed).

Sharing a drive (CD-Rom)

1) We go into my computer (or this computer) and go to the properties of the drive that we want to make available to the local network (see Fig. 6).

Figure:  6. Properties of the drive.

Figure: 6. Properties of the drive.

2) Next, you need to open the 'Access' tab, it has a subsection 'Advanced settings …', go to it (see Fig. 7).

Figure:  7. Advanced settings for access to the drive.

Figure: 7. Advanced settings for access to the drive.

3) Now you need to do 4 things (see fig. 8, 9):

  1. check the box next to 'Share this folder';
  2. give a name to our resource (as other users will see it, for example 'floppy drive');
  3. indicate the number of users who can work with it simultaneously (I do not recommend more than 2-3);
  4. and go to the permissions tab: there put a tick opposite the 'All' and 'Read' items (as in Fig. 9).

Figure:  8. Setting up access.

Figure: 8. Setting up access.

Figure:  9. Access for everyone.

Figure: 9. Access for everyone.

It remains to save the settings and test how our network drive works!

Testing and Configuring Easy Access …

1) First of all, insert a disc into the drive.

2) Next, open a regular explorer (built by default in Windows 7, 8, 10) and on the left open the 'Network' tab. Among the available folders should be ours, just created (floppy drive). If you open it, you should see the contents of the disk. Actually, it remains only to run the 'Setup' file (see Fig. 10) :).

2016-02-22 09_21_19-floppy drive available on the network

Figure: 10. The disk drive is available on the network.

3) To make it more convenient to use such a drive and not look for it every time in the 'Network' tab, it is recommended to connect it as a network drive. To do this, simply right-click on it and select the 'Map as network drive' item in the pop-up context menu (as in Fig. 11).

Figure:  11. Map a network drive.

Figure: 11. Map a network drive.

4) The final touch: select the drive letter and press the Done button (Fig. 12).

Figure:  12. Selecting a drive letter.

Figure: 12. Selecting a drive letter.

5) Now if you go into my computer, you will immediately see the network drive and be able to view the files in it. Naturally, in order to have access to such a drive, the computer with it must be turned on, and some disc must be inserted into it (with files, music, etc.).

Figure:  13. CD-Rom in my computer!

Figure: 13. CD-Rom in my computer!

This completes the setup. Successful work?

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