How to send a voice message 'VKontakte' from a computer

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Several years ago, the function of sending messages in audio format appeared in the official VKontakte application. This is convenient because if you need to type large text information, you can simply record a speech, saving time, or, for example, answer an urgent question. Many users have already mastered and appreciated the voice communication method. However, not everyone knows that sending a message is possible both from a mobile device and from a personal computer.

Step by step instructions for sending a voice message 'VKontakte'

To send an audio message to VK, do the following:

  1. We go to your account on the social network. Open the section with dialogs and select the desired addressee. Conversations on your profile

    Left-click on the desired recipient

  2. If the microphone is connected correctly, you will see an icon opposite the typing field (click on it), which allows you to use the voice recording function (see image). Microphone icon

    Clicking on the selected area will start audio recording

  3. You need to grant permission to the website to work with your microphone. To do this, select the 'Allow' button. Request for permission from the headset app

    Recording is not possible without access to the microphone

  4. We write down the appeal. The limit is ten minutes. If desired, you can stop it, listen to it and delete it before sending it to the addressee.

In just four easy steps, you have mastered the recording of a VKontakte voice message on your PC. Now you can share not only text information, but also emotions.

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