How to see who is looking for you in 'Wait for me'

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Unfortunately, almost every person is familiar with one misfortune – the loss of communication with people close to him: good acquaintances, friends, relatives. Despite the fact that now is the age of information technology, finding the right person is far from easy …

This is probably why a national service for the mutual search of people appeared in Russia – 'Wait for me' (the same-name programs are also shown on TV screens, in which, by the way, you can see people who are wanted).

It is clear that it is simply impossible to show everyone who is wanted on TV, there will not be enough airtime! That is why there is a site where you can find information of interest, and this is what this article will be about.

The article is designed more for novice users …

Step-by-step instructions: how to see who is looking for you in 'Wait for me'

Website address:

Let's consider all the actions in order.

1) First, we type in the address bar of the browser the address of the site 'Wait for me' ( or follow the link of the same name (see a little higher in the article under the heading).

2) Right in the center of the screen (the location of the search line may vary slightly depending on the browser) – there will be a search form. In the form you need to fill in the last name and first name of the person you are looking for (in this case, your first and last name), then press the 'find' button (see Fig. 1).

Who is looking for you in 'Wait for me'

Figure: 1. Wait for Me – National Mutual People Search Service

3) If there are people at your request, you will see a list of all those who are wanted. Perhaps you will be among them … By the way, in addition to the surname and first name, the date of birth of a person is also displayed, the text of the person who is looking for him.

Some profiles may still be under moderation, so there will be no description for them.

Figure:  2. Wanted people

Figure: 2. Wanted people

4) If the name and surname of the person you are looking for are very common (Petrov, Ivanov, Sidorov, etc.), then it is possible that the search will give just a huge database of wanted people. To clarify the search criteria, you can use the search form on the left in the site column (left sidebar):

– indicate the date of birth (at least the estimated range);

– gender of a person;

– select the sorting type (see fig. 3).

Figure:  3. Search settings

Figure: 3. Search settings

5) By the way, I will give one little advice. You can write the last name and first name in both capital and small letters – the search engine is not case sensitive. But the choice of language is very important! Therefore, first look for the right person in Russian, and then, if you don’t find, try to hammer his first and last name in Latin into the search (sometimes it helps).

I also want to add. If you are looking for any person – you can leave your application on the 'Wait for Me' website. To do this, you need to register on the site, and then submit an application: the more accurate and more data you provide on the person you are looking for, the more chances of success (see Fig. 4).

2015-10-25 10_38_32-Leave a request

Figure: 4. Leave a request

This concludes the article. It would be nice for no one, never, no one and nothing to lose …

Good Luck?

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