How to save money on purchases in online stores using promotional codes

When shopping in online stores, you can not only find a product at a better price, but also get a good discount using a promotional code. Online stores often attract shoppers by providing bonuses like this. It is not difficult to find and take advantage of such offers.

How to save money on purchases in online stores using promotional codes

What it is

A promo code is a certain combination of numbers and letters, by entering which in the appropriate field on the checkout page, the buyer receives a discount on the product (this can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the value of the product) or a free service, for example, delivery.

Almost all online stores have a similar system. The codes are distributed free of charge and can be used to purchase goods (clothes, shoes, toys) and various services (beauty salons, medical centers, air travel, hotel reservations, etc.).

There are several options for using such bonuses:

  1. Product discount – the buyer gets the opportunity to purchase the product at a reduced price.
  2. Delivery – the buyer pays a lower amount for delivery, or the company sends the package to the recipient for free.
  3. Gift – one more product from the catalog is added to the order free of charge. Often, buyers receive mini-packages of any new products.

Where to get them

There are several ways to get promotional codes:

  1. Social networks. Almost all online stores maintain pages on social networks. In addition to the official website, such groups always contain information about various events, promotions or sweepstakes. By registering in the group, you can track the most current offers in the news feed.
  2. Mailing lists. In order to subscribe to the newsletter, it is enough to indicate your email address on the website. The store will regularly send emails with information about upcoming promotions and sales.
  3. Special sites. The network has aggregator sites that collect current promotional offers from various companies. You can find thousands of discount codes on them for buying clothes, shoes, books, ordering food in restaurants, and more.

Also, some companies provide personalized offers, for example, on the client's birthday or in honor of some round date (for example, 10 years from the date of opening).

How to use

Making a bargain purchase is easy. This requires:

  1. Select the products you like in the online store and go to the shopping cart to place an order.
  2. Find a suitable promo code on the aggregator site, take advantage of the offer from the mailing list or news feed on social networks.
  3. Copy the code and paste it into a separate field at one of the stages of ordering.
  4. Press the button 'apply discount'.

Sometimes, instead of a combination of numbers and letters, companies distribute individual links to pages with discounted products. In this case, you just need to follow the link and add the products from the page that opens to the cart.

It is worth remembering that before using a discount, be sure to read the terms of its provision. Typically, the code can be applied to a specific product category, a specific brand, or you need to fill a basket for a specified amount.

Did the promo code work or not?

If a valid combination is used, then the order amount will change immediately after clicking the 'apply' button, and the buyer will be able to see the final price already with a discount.

If the code has expired or the condition for its application is not met (for example, the minimum order amount has not been reached), the site will automatically refuse to apply the discount. The buyer is usually informed about this in a notice on the site.

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