How to reset the administrator password when entering Windows 10 (relevant for Windows 7, 8)

how to reset password Hello.

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Still, many users love to protect their computers with passwords (even if there is nothing valuable on them). There are often cases when the password is simply forgotten (and even the hint, which Windows always recommends to create, does not help to remember). In such cases, some users reinstall Windows (those who know how to do this) and work further, while others ask the first to help …

In this article, I want to show you a simple and (most importantly) quick way to reset the admin password in Windows 10. No special PC skills, any complex programs, and so on – you will not need!

The method is relevant for OS Windows 7, 8, 10.

What do you need to start a reset?

Just one thing – the installation flash drive (or disk) from which your OS was installed Windows. If there is none, you will need to write it down (for example, on your second computer, or the computer of a friend, neighbor, etc.).

An important point! If your OS is Windows 10 – then you need a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 10!

In order not to describe here a voluminous guide to creating bootable media, I will provide links to my previous articles, where the most popular options are considered. If you do not have such an installation flash drive (disk) – I recommend starting it, you will need it from time to time (and not only to reset your password!).

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Reset admin password to Windows 10 (step by step)

1) Boot from the installation flash drive (disk)

To do this, you may need to go to B IOS and configure the appropriate settings. There is nothing complicated in this, as a rule, you just need to specify from which disk to boot (example in Fig. 1).

I will give a couple of links to my articles if someone has any difficulties.

Setting B IOS for booting from a USB flash drive:

– laptop:

– computer (+ laptop):

Figure:  1. Boot menu (F12 key): you can select a disk to boot

Figure: 1. Boot menu (F12 key): you can select the disk to boot.

2) Open the system recovery partition

If everything was done correctly in the previous step, the installation window Windows should appear. You do not need to install anything – there is a link “System Restore” on which you need to go.

Figure:  2. System Restore Windows

Figure: 2. System recovery Windows.

3) Diagnostics Windows

Then you just need to open the diagnostics section Windows (see Fig. 3).

Figure:  3. Diagnostics

Figure: 3. Diagnostics

4) Additional parameters

Then open the section with additional parameters.

2016-01-24 10_39_05-Additional parameters

Figure: 4. Additional parameters

5) Command line

After that, launch the command line.

Figure:  5. Command line

Figure: 5. Command line

6) Copy the CMD file

The bottom line of what you need to do now: copy the CMD (command line) file instead of the file that is responsible for Sticky Keys (Sticky Keys on the keyboard is useful for those people who, for some reason, cannot press multiple buttons at the same time. By default, to open it, you need to press the Shift key 5 times. Many users 99.9% – this function is not needed).

To do this, just enter one command (see Fig. 7): copy D: \ Windows \ system32 \ cmd.exe D: \ Windows \ system32 \ sethc.exe / Y

Note: drive letter 'D' will be relevant if you have OS Windows installed on drive 'C' (i.e. the most common default setting). If everything went well, you will see a message that 'Files copied: 1'.

Figure:  7. Copy CMD instead of sticking

Figure: 7. Copying the CMD file instead of sticky keys.

After that, you need to restart the computer (the installation flash drive is no longer needed, it must be removed from the USB port).

7) Create a second administrator

The easiest way to reset your password is to create a second administrator, then log into Windows under it – and you can do whatever you want …

After restarting the PC, Windows you will again be asked for a password, you instead press the Shift key 5-6 times – a window with a command line should appear (if everything was done correctly before).

Then enter the command to create a user: net user admin2 / add (where admin2 is the account name, it can be anything).

Next, you need to make this user an administrator, for this enter: net localgroup Administrators admin2 / add (that's it, now our new user has become an administrator!).

Note: 'Command completed successfully' should appear after each command. After entering these 2 commands, you need to restart your computer.

How to reset the administrator password

Figure: 7. Create a second user (administrator)

8) Download Windows

After restarting the computer – in the lower left corner (in Windows 10), you will see the new created user, and you need to go under it!

Figure:  8. After restarting the PC, there will be 2 users

Figure: 8. After restarting the PC, there will be 2 users.

Actually, this is the mission to enter Windows, from which the password was lost – completed successfully! There is only the final touch, about it below …

How to remove the password from the old administrator account

Simple enough! First you need to open the control panel Windows, then go to 'Administrative Tools' (to see the link, enable small icons in the control panel, see Fig. 9) and open the 'Computer Management' section.

Figure:  9. Administration

Figure: 9. Administration

Next, open the 'Utilities / Local Users / Users' tab. In the tab, select the account for which you want to change the password: then right-click on it and select 'Set password' from the menu (see Fig. 10).

Actually, after that, set a password that you will not forget and calmly use your Windows without reinstalling …

Figure:  10. Setting the password

Figure: 10. Setting a password.


I guess that not everyone may like this method (after all, there are all sorts of programs for automatic reset. I talked about one of them in this article: Although this method is very simple, versatile and reliable, it does not require any skills – only 3 commands are required to enter …

This concludes the article, good luck?

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