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utorrent analogues Good day.

uTorrent is a small but super popular program for downloading a lot of information on the web. Recently (I don’t know about you, but I’m for sure) began to notice obvious problems: the program has become 'stuffed' with ads, slows down, sometimes causing errors, after which you have to restart the program.

If you 'rummage around' the network, you can find quite a lot of uTorrent analogues, which are very, very good for downloading various torrents. At least all the basic functions that are in uTorrent are also there. In this relatively short article, I will focus on such programs. So…

The best software to download torrents


Official website:

Figure:  1. MediaGet

Figure: 1. MediaGet

A great torrent software! Besides the fact that you can also download torrents in it (like in uTorrent), MediaGet allows you to search for torrents without leaving the program itself (see Fig. 1)! This allows you to quickly find all the most popular that you need.

Supports Russian language in full, new versions Windows (7, 8, 10).

By the way, there is one nuisance during installation: you need to be careful, otherwise several search bars, bookmarks and other 'garbage' that are not needed by most users may be installed on the computer along the way.

In general, I recommend the program for the test to everyone!


Official website:

Figure:  2. BitTorrent 7.9.5

Figure: 2. BitTorrent 7.9.5

This program is very similar to uTorrent in its design. Only, in my opinion, it works faster and there is no such amount of ads (by the way, I don't have it on my PC at all, although some users complain about the appearance of ads in this program).

The features are almost identical to uTorrent, so there isn't much to highlight.

Also, during installation, pay attention to the checkboxes: in addition to the program, you can install on your PC a little 'extra garbage' in the form of ad modules (there are no viruses, but still not nice).


Official website: https: //

Figure:  3. Halite

Figure: 3. Halite

Personally, I got acquainted with this program relatively recently. Its main advantages:

– minimalism (there is nothing superfluous at all, not a single symbol, not only advertising);

– fast speed of work (loads quickly, both the program itself and the torrents in it :));

– Amazing compatibility with various torrent trackers (will work just like uTorrent on 99% of torrent trackers).

Of the shortcomings: one stands out – distributions are not saved on my computer (more precisely, they are not always saved). Therefore, for those who want to distribute a lot, and not download, I would recommend this program with a reservation … Perhaps this is just a bug on my PC …


Official website: http: //

Figure:  4. BitSpirit

Figure: 4. BitSpirit

An excellent program with a bunch of options, nice colors in the design. Supports all new versions Windows: 7, 8, 10 (32 and 64 bits), full support for the Russian language.

By the way, the program conveniently implements sorting of various files: music, movies, anime, books, etc. Of course, you can also set tags for downloaded files in uTorrent, but the implementation in BitSpirit looks more convenient.

It is also possible to note a convenient (in my opinion) small panel (bar) that shows the download and upload speed. It is located on the desktop in the upper corner (see Fig. 5). This is especially true for those users who frequently use torrents and want to get a high rating.

Figure:  5. Bar showing download and upload speed on the desktop

Figure: 5. Bar showing download and upload speed on the desktop.

Actually, on this, I think, we need to stop. These programs are more than enough, even for the most active pumpers!

For the additions (constructive!) I will be grateful as always. Happy work?

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