How to remove your page from Odnoklassniki?

odnoklassniki_logo If you want to delete a page on Odnoklassniki, it is not at all necessary to contact the technical support of the social network, and then wait a long time until they satisfy your request. In this short article, we will take a step-by-step look at how you can delete your page from Odnoklassniki.

And so … go ahead!

To begin with, you need to go to your profile by entering your password and login on the Odnoklassniki home page. Then press the enter button.

How to remove your page from Odnoklassniki-1

After that, in the active profile window, scroll down the page to the very bottom. At the bottom (on the right side) there should be a link to the 'regulations' for using the services. Click on it.


The page that opens contains all the rules for using the social network, as well as the button to refuse to use the services. Scroll down the page to the very bottom and click on the link 'refuse services'.


A dialog box should appear in which you need to enter a password and indicate the reason why you refuse to use. Then click on the 'delete' button.


Thus, you can quickly delete your page from Odnoklassniki without asking the administration of the social network.

All the best!

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