How to remove 'virus' teasers?

check_for_virus This post prompted me to write my personal PC, which suddenly, out of nowhere, when I clicked anywhere in the browser, began to go to various unfamiliar pages. This could not be an advertisement for any particular site, because the same picture was observed everywhere. Plus, strange viral teasers appeared on some sites, for example, at When you click on these teasers, it transfers it to the site, and then can go to any other site. The most interesting thing is that neither Kaspersky's antivirus nor Doctor Web found anything …

One small utility helped to remove these teasers, as well as automatic redirects to various sites: AdwCleaner.

AdwCleaner is a small utility that in a matter of minutes can analyze your operating system Windows for various adware: toolbars, teasers, and other malicious codes. After analysis, you can quickly delete them and restore your computer to its previous performance.

I am especially pleased with its interface, which is very simple and allows even a novice user to quickly figure it out!

After launching this utility, feel free to click on the 'Scan' button. The program will scan the system in a couple of minutes and offer to clean it of unwanted software. You can click on the 'Clean' button. The computer will restart and all adware will be removed.

- AdwCleaner - v3.013 - Xplode - G? N? Ral Changelog Team -_2013-11-25_19-29-56

AdwCleaner scans the system looking for unwanted toolbars and other advertisements.

CAdwCleanerAdwCleaner [S0] .txt - Notepad ++ _ 2013-11-25_19-31-58

Part of the report that will be waiting for you after restarting your PC.

By the way, the same thing happened with the teasers of, AdwCleaner in a couple of minutes got rid of such annoying ads and saved a lot of time!

Also, don't forget to clear your browser cache and cookies.

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