How to remove the 'Receive Windows 10' notification

remove notification get windows 10 Hello.

After the release Windows 10 on many computers with OS Windows 7, 8 the intrusive notification 'Receive Windows 10' began to appear. Everything would be fine, but sometimes it just gets out (in the literal sense of the word …).

To hide it (or delete it altogether) it is enough to make a few clicks of the left mouse button … This is what this article will be about.

How to hide the 'Receive Windows 10' notification

This is the easiest and fastest way to remove this notification. By itself, it will be – but you will no longer see it.

First, click the 'arrow' on the panel next to the clock, and then the 'Customize' link (see Fig. 1).

Figure:  1.set up notifications

Figure: 1.setting notifications in Windows 8

Further in the list of programs you need to find 'GWX Get Windows 10' and set the value 'Hide icon and notifications' opposite it (see Fig. 2).

How to remove the 'Receive Windows 10' notification

Figure: 2. Notification area icons

After that, you need to save the settings. Now this icon will be hidden from you and you will no longer see its notifications.

For those users who are not quite satisfied with this option (for example, supposedly this application 'eats up' (albeit not a lot) processor resources) – we will delete it 'completely'.

How to remove the 'Receive Windows 10' notification

One update is responsible for this icon – 'Update for Microsoft Windows (KB3035583)' (as it is called in Russian Windows). To remove this notification, you need to remove this update accordingly. This is done quite simply.

1) First you need to go to: Control Panel \ Programs \ Programs and Features (Fig. 3). Next, in the left column, open the link 'View installed updates'.

2015-10-04 10_42_52-Programs and components

Figure: 3. Programs and Features

2) In the list of installed updates, find the update that contains 'KB3035583' (see Fig. 4) and remove it.

2015-10-04 10_43_51-Installed updates

Figure: 4. Installed updates

After removing it, you need to restart your computer: before shutting down from the download, you will see messages from Windows that it removes the installed updates.

When Windows is loaded, you will no longer see the receipt notification Windows 10 (see Fig. 5).


Figure: 5. 'Receive Windows 10' notifications are gone

Thus, it is so easy and quick to delete such reminders.


By the way, many for such a task install some kind of special programs (tweakers, etc. 'garbage'), configure them, etc. As a result, you get rid of one problem, and another appears: when installing these tweakers, advertising modules are not uncommon …

I still recommend spending 3-5 minutes. time and set everything up 'manually', especially since it is not long.

Good luck?

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