How to remove home.webalta .ru from browser?

webaltaRecently, a very popular virus has become that penetrates all browsers and when you first open them you get to the page Here we will take a step-by-step way to remove the intrusive from browsers.

Webalta search engine - Mozilla Firefox_2013-11-24_20-12-25

1. Go to Start / Control Panel / Remove Programs. Next, look for some small utility that contains the word webalta. You can use the search. If you find it, remove it (by the way, in this article you will learn how to remove programs).

2. In the second step, go to the browser settings and change the start page to the one you want. Then restart your browser.


Replacing the start page with in the Mozilla Forefox browser.

3. Surely you launch the browser through shortcuts from the desktop or taskbar? Delete them! Go to the start menu or even to the folder with the installed browser and bring the new shortcut to your desktop! registers itself in the properties of the shortcut and every time you start, you run this intrusive page yourself …

It's all about the shortcut through which you launch the browser. You can right click on it and select 'properties'. In the window that appears, pay attention to the path (object) where your browser is launched. You will notice that after '… .. \ firefox.exe' the address of this nasty webalt is added.

Start Menu_2013-11-24_20-27-36

Search the Firefox start menu. Then we create a new shortcut.

After the procedure, try launching your browser. Most likely the obsessive 'webalta' is gone.

4. To be sure, to clean the registry, to check other files, download one great and small utility – Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Even the free version is enough to check your PC for all kinds of spam and viruses, and to fix these threats. By the way, despite the installed Kaspersky antivirus, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware found and removed 14 threats on my PC.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware_2013-11-24_20-13-51

At the first launch, you can select quick scan to get familiar with the program's capabilities.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware_2013-11-24_20-19-53

It only took Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 5 minutes to check all the most important files. By the way, there were 14 threats!

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware_2013-11-24_20-20-15

The fix will require a computer restart!

After all the procedures, your PC will go to reboot. By the way, after you have removed from browsers, it will not be superfluous to carry out optimization and acceleration Windows.

Afterword … The computer worked very badly, it was constantly thrown to other pages, etc. I was already thinking about reinstalling Windows, but decided to try to optimize. Deleted webalt'u, cleaned up the HDD debris, defragmented disks, deleted unnecessary programs that hung in startup and the computer seemed to be replaced! The speed of work has become several times higher. If you have similar symptoms, try to repeat the experiment …

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