How to remove ads that appear in the browser on computer startup?

how-to-remove-ads-in-browser Good day everyone.

I think even the owners of newfangled antiviruses are simply faced with a huge amount of advertising on the Internet. Moreover, it's a shame not even that ads are shown on third-party resources, but that some software developers embed various toolbars into their programs (add-ons for browsers that are quietly installed for the user).

As a result, the user, despite the antivirus, on all sites (well, or most) begins to display intrusive ads: teasers, banners, etc. (sometimes not very biased content). Moreover, very often the browser itself opens with advertisements appearing when the computer starts (this is generally a transition beyond all 'imaginable boundaries')!

In this article, we'll talk about how to remove such an appearing advertisement, a kind of article – a mini-instruction.

1. Complete removal of the browser (and add-ons)

1) The first thing I recommend to do is to save all your bookmarks in the browser (this is easy to do if you go to the settings and select the function of exporting bookmarks to html file. All browsers support this).

2) Remove the browser from the control panel (uninstall programs: https: // By the way, do not delete Internet Explorer!

3) We also remove suspicious programs in the list of installed programs (control panel / uninstall programs). Suspicious ones include: webalta, toolbar, webprotection, etc. everything that you did not install and is small (usually up to 5 MB usually).

4) Next, you need to go into the explorer and in the settings enable the display of hidden files and folders (by the way, you can use a file commander, for example Total Commander – it also sees hidden folders and files).

2014-11-09 10_37_00-This computer

Windows 8: Enables the display of hidden files and folders. You need to press the 'VIEW' menu, then check the 'HIDDEN ELEMENTS' box.

5) Check folders on the system drive (usually drive 'C'):

  1. ProgramData
  2. Program Files (x86)
  3. Program Files
  4. Users \ Alex \ AppData \ Roaming \
  5. Users \ Alex \ AppData \ Local

In these folders you need to find folders with the same name of your browser (for example: Firefox, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.). We delete these folders.

Thus, in 5 steps, we completely removed the infected program from the computer. We reboot the PC and proceed to the second step.

2. Scan the system for mailware

Now, before reinstalling the browser, you need to completely check your computer for adware (mailware and other garbage). Here are two of the best utilities for this job.

2.1. ADW Clean


An excellent program for cleaning your computer from all kinds of Trojans and adware. Long setup is not required – just download and run. By the way, after scanning and removing any 'garbage' the program restarts the PC!

(for more details on how to use it:

How to remove ads that appear in the browser on computer startup?

ADW Cleaner

2.2. Malwarebytes


This is probably one of the best programs with a huge database of various adware. Finds all the most common types of browser embedded ads.

You need to check the system drive C, the rest are at your discretion. The scan is required to be delivered complete. See screenshot below.

How to remove ads that appear in the browser on computer startup?

Computer scan in Mailwarebytes.

3. Installing a browser and add-ons to block ads

After all the recommendations have been accepted, you can reinstall the browser (browser choice:

By the way, it will not be superfluous to install Adguard – special. program to block intrusive ads. Works with absolutely all browsers!

Actually, that's all. By following the instructions above, you will completely clean your computer of adware and your browser will no longer display ads when you start your computer.

All the best!

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