How to reduce the use of RAM? How to clear RAM

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When too many programs are launched on the PC, the RAM may no longer be enough and the computer will start to 'slow down'. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to clear the RAM before opening 'large' applications (games, video editors, graphics). It will also not be superfluous to carry out a little cleaning and setting up applications to disable all little-used programs.

By the way, this article will be especially relevant for those who have to work on computers with a small amount of RAM (most often no more than 1-2 GB). On such PCs, the lack of RAM is felt, as they say, 'by eye'.

1. How to reduce the use of RAM (Windows 7, 8)

In Windows 7, one function has appeared that stores in the computer RAM (in addition to information about running programs, libraries, processes, etc.) information about each program that the user could run (in order to speed up work, of course ). This function is called Superfetch.

If there is not a lot of memory on the computer (no more than 2 GB), then this function, most often, does not speed up work, but on the contrary slows it down. Therefore, in this case, it is recommended to disable it.

How to disable Superfetch

1) Go to the control panel Windows and go to the 'System and Security' section.

2) Next, open the 'Administration' section and go to the list of services (see Fig. 1).

Figure:  1. Administration - services

Figure: 1. Administration -> Services

3) In the list of services we find the one we need (in this case Superfetch), open it and put it in the 'startup type' column – disabled, additionally disable it. Next, we save the settings and reboot the PC.

Figure:  2.Stop superfetch service

Figure: 2.Stop superfetch service

After restarting the computer, the use of RAM should decrease. On average, it helps to reduce the use of RAM by 100-300 MB (not much, but not so little with 1-2 GB of RAM).

2. How to free up RAM

Many users do not even know what programs are eating up the computer's RAM. Before launching 'large' applications, in order to reduce the amount of brakes, it is recommended to close some of the programs that are not needed at the moment.

By the way, many programs, even if you closed them, can be located in the PC's RAM!

To view all processes and programs in RAM, it is recommended to open the task manager (you can also use the process explorer utility).

To do this, press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC.

Next, you need to open the 'Processes' tab and remove tasks from those programs that take up a lot of memory and which you do not need (see Fig. 3).

Figure:  3. Canceling a task

Figure: 3. Canceling a task

By the way, quite often a lot of memory is occupied by the 'Explorer' system process (many novice users do not restart it, since everything disappears from the desktop and you have to restart the PC).

In the meantime, restarting Explorer is easy enough. First, you remove the task from the “explorer” – as a result, you will have a “blank screen” and the task manager on the monitor (see Fig. 4). After that, click 'file / new task' in the task manager and write the command 'explorer' (see Fig. 5), press the Enter key.

Explorer will be restarted!

Figure:  4. Close the explorer is easy!

Figure: 4. Close the explorer is easy!

Figure:  5. Launch explorer / explorer

Figure: 5. Launch explorer / explorer

3. Programs for quick cleaning of RAM

1) Advance System Care

More details (description + download link):

An excellent utility not only for cleaning and optimizing Windows, but also for monitoring the computer's RAM. After installing the program in the upper right corner there will be a small window (see Fig. 6) in which you can watch the load on the processor, RAM, network. There is also a button for quickly clearing RAM – very convenient!

Figure:  5.

Figure: 6. Advance System Care

2) Mem Reduct

Official website:

An excellent little utility that will highlight a small icon next to the clock in the tray and show how much% of the memory is occupied. You can clear RAM in one click – for this you need to open the main program window and click on the 'Clear memory' button (see Fig. 7).

By the way, the program is small in size (~ 300 Kb), supports Russian, is free, there is a portable version that does not need to be installed. In general, better and difficult to come up with!

Figure:  7. Clearing memory in mem reduct

Figure: 7. Clearing memory in mem reduct


That's all for me. I hope with such simple actions you can make your PC work faster?

Good luck!

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