How to reduce the size of a picture, image? Maximum compression!

how-to-compress-picture Hello. Quite often, when working with graphic files (pictures, photographs, and indeed any images) they need to be compressed. Most often, this is necessary to transfer them over the network or put them on the site.

And despite the fact that today there are no problems with the volumes of hard drives (if not enough, you can buy an external HDD for 1-2 TB and this will be enough for a very large number of high-quality photos), store images in a quality that you will not need – not justified!

In this article, I want to consider several ways how you can compress and reduce the size of a picture. In my example, I will use the first 3 photos I come across in the vastness of the worldwide network.


  • Most popular image formats
  • How to reduce the size of a picture in Adobe Photoshop
  • Other image compression programs
  • Online services for compressing images

1) bmp – image format that provides the best quality. But you have to pay for the quality with the space occupied by pictures saved in this format. The size of the photos they will occupy can be seen in screenshot # 1.

3 pictures to bmp

Screenshot 1. 3 pictures in bmp format. Pay attention to the size of the files.

2) jpg is the most popular format for pictures and photos. Provides reasonably good quality with amazing compression quality. By the way, please note that a picture with a resolution of 4912 × 2760 in bmp format is 38.79MB, and in jpg format it is only 1.07MB. Those. the picture in this case was compressed about 38 times!

As for the quality: if the picture is not enlarged, then by eye it is impossible to recognize where is bmp, and where is jpg. But when you enlarge a picture in jpg, blur starts to appear – this is the effect of compression …

3 pictures in jpg

Screenshot # 2. 3 pictures in jpg

3) png – (portable network graphics) is a very convenient format for transferring pictures on the Internet (- in some cases, pictures compressed in this format take up space even less than jpg, and their quality is higher!). Provides better color reproduction and does not distort the picture. It is recommended to use for images that should not lose quality and that you want to upload to some site. By the way, the format supports transparent background.

3 pictures in png

Screenshot # 3. 3 pictures in png

4) gif is a very popular format for pictures with animation (more about animation: The format is also very popular for transferring pictures on the Internet. In some cases, it provides the size of pictures smaller in size than in jpg format.

3 pictures in gif

Screenshot no. 4.3 pictures in gif

Despite the huge variety of graphic file formats (and there are more than fifty of them), these files (listed above) are most often found on the Internet, and indeed in general.

How to reduce the size of a picture in Adobe Photoshop

In general, of course, for the sake of simple compression (conversion from one format to another), installing Adobe Photoshop is probably not justified. But this program is quite popular and those who work with pictures not even so often have it on their PC.


1. Open the picture in the program (either through the 'File / open …' menu, or the combination of the 'Ctrl + O' buttons).

how to reduce image size in photoshop

2. Next, go to the 'file / save for web …' menu or press the 'Alt + Shift + Ctrl + S' button combination. This option for saving graphics provides maximum image compression with the least loss in its quality.

2-saving graphics for the web

3. Set the save settings:

– format: I recommend choosing jpg as the most popular graphics format;

– quality: depending on the selected quality (and you can set the compression from 10 to 100), the size of the picture will depend. Examples of compressed images with different quality will be shown in the center of the screen.

After that, just save the picture – its size will be an order of magnitude smaller (especially if it was in bmp)!

3-save to photohop


The compressed image began to weigh less, about 15 times: from 4.63 MB was compressed to 338.45 KB.

compression results in photoshop

Other image compression programs

1. Fastone image viewer

Of. website:

One of the fastest and most convenient programs for viewing pictures, easy editing, and, of course, compressing them. By the way, it allows you to view pictures even in ZIP archives (many users often install the AcdSee program for this).

In addition, Fastone allows you to reduce the size of tens and hundreds of pictures at once!

1. Open the folder with the pictures, then select with the mouse the ones you want to compress, and then click on the 'Service / Batch Processing' menu.

1 - FastStone Image Viewer 5.3

2. Next, we do three steps:

– we transfer pictures from the left to the right (those that we want to compress);

– choose the format into which we want to compress them;

– specify the folder where to save new pictures.

That's all – after that, just press the start button. By the way, in addition to this, you can set various settings for image processing, for example: crop edges, change the resolution, put a logo, etc.

2-Batch Convert_Rename

3. After the compression procedure – Fastone will provide a report on how much hard disk space has been saved.

3-Image conversion

2. XnVew

Developer site:

2015-05-16 16_10_40-XnView

A very popular and convenient program for working with photos and pictures. By the way, I edited and compressed the pictures for this article in XnView.

Also, the program allows you to take screenshots of a window or a certain part of it, edit and view pdf files, find similar pictures and delete duplicates, etc.

1) To compress photos, select the ones you want to process in the main window of the program. Then go to the 'Tools / Batch' menu.

2015-05-16 16_26_59-XnView - soldering

2) Select the format in which you want to compress the pictures and press the start button (you can also set the compression settings).

2015-05-16 16_27_36-Batch processing

3) The result is pretty bad, the picture is compressed by an order of magnitude.

Was in bmp format: 4.63 MB;

Now in jpg format: 120.95 KB. 'By eye' the pictures are practically the same!

2015-05-16 16_28_36-XnView - [Browser - E__Screenshots_compression_]


Developer site:

2015-05-16 15_34_22-RIOT

Another very interesting program for compressing images. The bottom line is simple: you open any picture (jpg, gif or png) in it, then you immediately see two windows: one is the original picture, and the other is the output. The RIOT program automatically calculates how much the picture will weigh after compression, and also shows you the compression quality.

What else captivates in it – the abundance of settings, pictures can be compressed in different ways: make them clearer or turn on blur; you can turn off color or only tints of a specific color range.

By the way, a great opportunity: in RIOT you can specify what file size you need and the program will automatically select the settings and set the image compression quality!

setting settings in riot

Here's a small piece of work: the picture was compressed to 82 KB from a 4.63 MB file!

picture compression

Online services for compressing images

In general, personally, I do not really like to compress images using online services. Firstly, I consider it longer than a program, secondly, online services do not have so many settings, and thirdly, I would not like to upload all pictures to third-party services (after all, there are also personal photos that you show only in close family circle).

But nevertheless (sometimes it's too lazy to install programs, for the sake of compressing 2-3 images) …

1. Web Resizer

2015-05-16 16_34_51-Web Resizer -

A very good service for compressing images. However, there is a small limitation: the size of the picture should be no more than 10 MB.

It works relatively quickly, there are settings for compression. By the way, the service shows how much the pictures will decrease. Compresses the picture, by the way, without losing quality.

2015-05-16 16_34_58-Web Resizer - Making

2. JPEGmini


This site is suitable for those who want to compress a jpg image without losing quality. It works quickly, and it immediately shows how much the picture size will decrease. By the way, you can check the compression quality of various programs in this way.

In the example below, the picture has been reduced 1.6 times: from 9 KB to 6 KB!

2015-05-16 16_40_24-JPEGmini _ Process your photo

3. Image Optimizer


2015-05-16 16_41_59-Free Image Optimizer - Compress and resize photos

Quite good service. I decided to check how the picture was compressed by the previous service: and you know, it turned out that it is no longer possible to compress even more without losing quality. In general, not bad!

What I liked about him:

– fast work;

– support for several formats (the most popular are supported, see the article above);

– shows how compressed the photo is and you yourself decide whether to download it or not. By the way, a report of the work of this online service is shown below.

2015-05-16 16_42_16-View your optimized image

That's all for today. All the most ..!

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