How to reduce disk usage

System freezes due to disk loading. Why and how to reduce workload


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Hello Ivan! The problem is often encountered, but quite easy to solve. To reduce the load on the hard drive, you will need to do the following:

  1. Disable file indexing and stop the search service. For this:
  • Run the command prompt with administrator rights. This can be done by finding the file 'cmd.exe' and by clicking the right mouse button select 'Run as administrator' or 'Run with administrator rights';
  • In the window that opens, enter and execute the command NET STOP 'Windows Search';
  • Close the command line and press the key combination 'WIN + R';
  • In the 'Run' window enter the command 'services.msc' and click 'OK';
  • The 'Services' window will open in front of you, in the list on the right, find the line 'Windows Search';
  • Click on it with the right mouse button and select 'Properties';
  • On the General tab, find the Startup Type line and select Disabled.
  1. Disable the 'SUPERFETCH' service similar to 'Windows Search', but without using the command line.
  2. Scan your computer system for virus activity.
  3. Using the 'sfc / scannow' command and command line, scan the system for possible problems with the system files.
  4. Check the disk for errors with the 'chkdsk / f / r' command.

If none of the above methods helped, then clarify which processes load the disk the most, as well as the version of your operating system, or just a screenshot of the resource monitoring window.

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