How to recover a deleted file from a USB flash drive?

flash drive Each of us has mistakes and mistakes, especially due to lack of experience. Often, it happens that the desired file was accidentally deleted from the flash drive: for example, they forgot about important information on the media and pressed format, or they simply gave it to a friend, who without hesitation deleted the files.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how to recover a deleted file from a USB flash drive. By the way, in general, there has already been one small article about file recovery, perhaps it will also come in handy:

First you need:

1. Do not write or copy anything to a USB flash drive, do nothing with it yet.

2. A special utility is required to recover deleted files: I recommend Recuva (Link to the official website: The free version is enough.

Recovering a file from a USB flash drive step by step

After installing the Recuva utility (by the way, specify the Russian language at once during the installation process), the recovery wizard should automatically start.

Master Recuva_2014-01-06_20-15-34

In the next step, you can specify which type of files you are going to restore: music, videos, pictures, documents, archives, etc. If you do not know what type of document you had, then select the very first line: all files.

However, it is recommended to specify the type: this way the program will run faster!

Master Recuva_2014-01-06_20-16-47

Now the program needs to indicate on which disks and flash drives you want to recover deleted files. The USB flash drive can be specified either by entering the letter of the desired drive (you can find it in 'my computer'), or simply by selecting the item 'memory card'.

Master Recuva_2014-01-06_20-17-13

Next, the wizard will warn you that it will work. Before the operation, it is advisable to disable all programs that load the processor: antiviruses, games, etc.

It is advisable to check the 'in-depth analysis' box. This will make the program run slower, but it will find and recover more files!

By the way, in order to ask the price: the program scanned my USB flash drive (USB 2.0) for 8GB in an in-depth mode for about 4-5 minutes.

Master Recuva_2014-01-06_20-17-20

Accordingly, the process of analyzing the flash drive.


In the next step, the program will offer you to select from the list of files those that you want to recover from the flash drive.

Piriform Recuva_2014-01-06_20-23-26

Mark the necessary files with checkboxes and click the restore button.

Piriform Recuva_2014-01-06_20-23-38

Next, the program will ask you to specify the location where you want to recover deleted files.

Important! You need to recover deleted files on your hard drive, and not on the USB flash drive that you analyzed and scanned. This is necessary so that the restored information does not overwrite the information that the program has not yet reached!

Action ended_2014-01-06_20-24-01

That's all. Pay attention to the files, some of them will be quite normal, while others may be partially damaged. For example, one picture was partially invisible. In any case, sometimes even a partially saved file can be expensive!

In general, advice: always save all important information on one more medium (backup). The probability of failure of 2 carriers is very small, which means that the lost information on one carrier can be quickly restored from another …

Good luck!

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