How to open mkv file?

mkvMKV is a fairly new video file format that is becoming more and more popular day by day. Typically, it distributes HD video with multiple audio tracks. In addition, such files take up a lot of space on your hard drive, but the video quality that this format provides covers all its shortcomings!

For normal playback of mkv files on a computer, you need two things: codecs and a video player that support this new format.

And so, in order …

1. Choice of codecs for opening mkv

I personally think that K-lite codecs are among the best for playing all video files, including MKV. In addition, they include a Media Player that supports this format and reproduces it perfectly.

I recommend installing the full version of the K-lite codecs right away, so that in the future there will be no problems with other video file formats (link to the full version).

2014-03-10 09_25_04-Download K-Lite Codec Pack Full - Yandex

Installation is detailed in the article on the choice of codecs. I recommend installing it the same way.

Besides k-lite, there are other codecs that support this format. For example, the most popular ones for Windows 7, 8 are mentioned in this post: https: //

2. Selecting a player

Apart from Media Player, there are other players capable of playing this format just as well.

1) VLC media player (description)

Not a bad enough video player. Many users speak positively about it, for some it even plays mkv files faster than other players. Therefore, it is definitely worth a try!

2) KMPlayer (description)

This player includes its own codecs. Therefore, it will open most files even if there are no codecs on your system. It is possible that thanks to this, mkv files will open and work faster.

3) Light Alloy (download)

A universal player that opens almost all video files that I have come across on the net. It is even more useful if you have a control panel and want to use it to flip through video files in the player without getting up from the couch!

4) BS. Player (description)

This is a super turntable. Eats up less than all other video players of the computer's system resources. Thanks to this, many files that slowed down, say, in Windows Me dia Player, can work safely in BS Player!

3. If MKV slows down

Well, how and how to open video files mkv figured out. Now let's try to figure out what to do if they slow down.

Because Since this format is used to play high-quality video, its requirements are quite high. Perhaps your computer has simply become old, and is not able to 'handle' such a new format. Anyway, let's try to speed up the playback …

1) Close all third party programs you don't need while watching mkv videos. This is especially true for games that heavily load both the processor and the video card. This also applies to torrents that heavily load the disk system. You can try disabling the antivirus (for more details, see the article: how to speed up your computer Windows).

2) Reinstall codecs and video player. I recommend using BS Player, he has very good. low system requirements. See above.

3) Pay attention in the task manager (Cntrl + ALT + Del or Cntrl + Shaft + Esc) to the processor load. If the video player loads the CPU by more than 80-90%, then most likely you will not be able to watch the video in this quality. In the task manager, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to what other processes create the load: if there are any, then disable them!

That's all. How do you open the Mkv format? Does it slow you down?

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