How to open fb2 file? How to read e-books on a computer?

reading e-book Ave!

It is probably no secret for most users that there are hundreds of thousands of e-books on the web. Some of them are distributed in txt format (various text editors are used to open them), some in pdf (one of the most popular book formats; how to open pdf). There are e-books that are distributed in a less popular format – fb2. That's what I would like to talk about in this article …

What is fb2 file?

Fb2 (Fiction Book) – is an XML file with many tags that describe every part of the e-book (be it headings, underlines, etc. elements). XML allows you to create books of any format, any topic, with a huge number of titles, subheadings, etc. In principle, any book, even an engineering book, can be translated into this format.

To edit Fb2 files, a special program is used – Fiction Book Reader. I think that most of the readers are primarily interested in reading such books, so let's just focus on these programs …

Reading fb2 e-books on computer

In general, many modern 'e-book readers' programs allow you to open a relatively new fb2 format, so we will touch on only a small part of them, the most convenient one.

2014-06-08 10_24_15-About the program ... 1) STDU Viewer

You can download from the office. site:

Very handy program for opening and reading fb2 files. On the left, in a separate column (sidebar), all subheadings in an open book are displayed, you can easily navigate from one title to another. The main content is displayed in the center: pictures, text, plates, etc. What is convenient: you can easily change the font size, page size, make bookmarks, rotate pages, etc.

The screenshot below shows the operation of the program.

2014-06-08 10_24_08-Cherno-buraya-lisa_Yuz_Aleshkovskiy.fb2 - STDU Viewer _Free for non-commercial u

2) CoolReader


This program is good first of all because it supports a wide range of different formats. Opens files easily: doc, txt, fb2, chm, zip, etc. The latter is doubly convenient, since many books are distributed in archives, which means that to read them in this program, you will not need to extract the files.

2014-06-08 10_40_22-CoolReader

3) AlReader

2014-06-08 10_31_56-AlReader2 Website:

In my opinion – this is one of the best e-book reader! First, it's free. Secondly, it works both on ordinary computers (laptops) under control Windows and on a PDA Android. Thirdly, it is very lightweight and versatile.

When you open a book in this program, you will see a really 'book' on the screen, the program, as it were, emulates the spreads of a real book, selects a font that is convenient for reading, a background so that it does not hurt your eyes and does not interfere with reading. In general, reading in this program is a pleasure, time flies by!

Here's an example of an open book, by the way.

2014-06-08 10_32_56-AlReader2


There are dozens of sites in the network – electronic libraries with books in fb2 format. For example:,,, etc.

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