How to make a pdf file from pictures?

pdf_Logo Quite often, users have the task of making one pdf file out of several jpg, bmp, gif formats. Yes, having assembled the images in pdf, we actually get pluses: it is easier to transfer one file to someone, in such a file the images are compressed and take up less space.

There are dozens of programs on the net for converting images from one format to another. In this article, we will look at the easiest and fastest way to get a pdf file. For this we need one small utility, quite common by the way.

XnView (link to the program: (there are three tabs at the bottom, you can choose the standard version)) is an excellent utility for viewing images, easily opens hundreds of the most popular formats. In addition, it has great features for editing and converting images. We will use one of such opportunities.

1) Open the program (by the way, it supports the Russian language) and go to the tools / multi-page file tab.

XnView - [javanese moss.jpg] _2014-01-02_16-57-43

2) Next, the same window should appear as in the picture below. Select the add option.

Creating a multipage file_2014-01-02_16-57-56

3) Select the necessary pictures and press the 'OK' button.

Select files_2014-01-02_16-58-12

4) After all the pictures are added, you need to select the folder to save, file name, and format. There are several formats in the program: you can create a multi-page tiff file, psd (for 'photoshop') and our pdf. For the pdf file, select the 'Portable Document Format' as in the picture below, then click on the create button.

Creating a multipage file_2014-01-02_16-59-47

If everything is done correctly, the program will create the required file very quickly. Then you can open it, for example in Adobe Reader, in order to make sure that everything works as it should.

image.pdf - Adobe Reader_2014-01-02_17-00-24

This completes the process of creating a pdf file from pictures. Happy converting!

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