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2016-05-22 10_05_23-how to learn to type quickly Hello!

Now the time is coming that without a computer it is not there and not here. This means that the value of computer skills is growing. This includes such a useful skill as fast typing speed with both hands, without looking at the keyboard.

It's not easy to develop this skill – but it's possible. At least, if you practice regularly (at least 20-30 minutes a day), then after 2-4 weeks you yourself will not notice how the speed of the text you are typing will begin to grow.

In this article, I have collected the best programs and simulators in order to learn how to type quickly (at least, they increased my typing speed, although I no, no, and glance at the keyboard?).

SOLO on the keyboard


SOLO on the keyboard

SOLO on the keyboard: an example of the program.

This is probably one of the most common programs for teaching 'blind' ten-finger typing. Sequentially, step by step, she teaches you to work correctly:

  • first, you will be introduced to how to properly hold your hands on the keyboard;
  • then start your lessons. In the first of these, you will try to type individual letters;
  • after the letters are replaced by simple sets of letters, then text, etc.

By the way, each lesson in the program is supported by statistics, which show you the speed of typing, as well as how many mistakes you made when completing a specific task.

The only drawback is that the program is paid. Although, I must admit, it is worth the money. Thousands of people have improved their keyboard skills using this program (by the way, many users, having achieved certain results, quit classes, although they could potentially learn to type VERY fast!).



Main window of VerseQ.

Main window of VerseQ.

Another extremely interesting program, the approach in which is somewhat different from the first. There are no lessons or classes here, this is a kind of tutorial in which you practice typing right away!

The program has a clever algorithm that each time selects such a combination of letters that you quickly memorize the most frequent keyboard shortcuts. If you make mistakes, the program will not force you to go through this text again – it will simply correct the next line so that you can work out these characters again.

Thus, the algorithm quickly calculates your weak points and begins to train them. You, on a subconscious level, begin to memorize the most 'problematic' keys (do each person have their own?).

It doesn't seem so easy at first, but you get used to it pretty quickly. By the way, in addition to Russian, you can also train the English layout. Cons: the program is paid.

I also want to note the pleasant design of the program: nature, greenery, forest, etc. will be displayed in the background.



2016-05-22 10_38_55-Stamina main window

Stamina main window

Unlike the first two programs, this one is free, and you will not find ads in it (special thanks to the developers)! The program teaches speed typing from the keyboard in several layouts: Russian, Latin and Ukrainian.

I would also like to note the rather unusual and cool sounds. The principle of teaching is built on the sequential passage of the lessons, thanks to which you will remember the location of the keys and gradually increase your typing speed.

Stamina maintains your training schedule by day and session, i.e. keeps statistics. By the way, it is also very convenient to use it if you are not studying alone at the computer: you can easily create several users in the utility. I would also like to note a good help and help, in which you will find bright and funny anecdotes. In general, it is felt that the software developers came up with soul. I recommend to review!


2016-05-22 11_56_34-BabyType


This computer simulator resembles the most common computer game: to escape from a little monster, you need to press the correct keys on the keyboard.

The program is made in bright and rich colors, will please both adults and children. It is very simple to understand and is distributed free of charge (by the way, there were several versions: the first in 1993, the second in 1999. Now, perhaps, there is a newer version).

For a good result – you need to regularly, at least 5-10 minutes. spend a day in this program. In general, I recommend playing!

All 10


2016-05-22 12_03_41-ALL 10

This free online simulator is very similar in principle to the 'Solo' program. Before starting training, you are offered a test task that will determine the speed of your typing.

For training – you need to register on the site. By the way, it also has a very good rating, so if your results are high, you will become famous :).




Another free online simulator. Reminds itself all the same 'Solo'. The simulator, by the way, is made in the style of minimalism: there are no beautiful backgrounds, anecdotes, in general, there is nothing superfluous!

It is quite possible to work, but some may find it boring.



This trainer is designed to train individual words. Its principle of operation is similar to the above, but there is one peculiarity. You type each word not once, but 10-15 times! Moreover, when typing each letter of each word, the simulator will show which finger you should press the button with.

In general, it is quite convenient, and you can train not only in Russian, but also in Latin.



This simulator is designed to train the Latin keyboard. If you do not know English well (at least basic words), then it will be problematic for you to use it.

Otherwise, it has everything like everyone else: statistics of speed, errors, scoring, a variety of words and combinations.

Online VerseQ


2016-05-22 12_27_36-online.verseq

An experimental online project from the famous VerseQ program. Not all functions of the program itself are available, but it is quite possible to start training in the online version. To get started, you need to register.

Clav race


2016-05-22 12_31_14-Clav Race

A very addictive online game in which you will compete with real people in the speed of typing from the keyboard. The principle of the game is simple: in front of you and other guests of the site appears simultaneously the text that you need to type. Depending on the speed of the set – cars move faster (slower) to the finish line. Whoever picks up faster – he won.

It would seem such a simple idea – but it causes such a storm of emotions and so captivates! In general, it is recommended for anyone studying this topic.



2016-05-22 12_38_42-Bombina

Very bright and cool program for teaching speed typing from the keyboard. It is more focused on schoolchildren, but it will suit, in principle, absolutely everyone. You can study both Russian and English layouts.

In total, the program includes 8 levels of difficulty, depending on your training. By the way, in the process of learning you will see a compass that will send you to a new lesson when you reach a certain level.

By the way, the program awards the most distinguished students with a gold medal. Cons: the program is paid, although there is a demo version. I recommend giving it a try.



2016-05-22 12_43_32-RapidTyping

Simple, convenient and lightweight trainer for learning to 'blind' typing on the keyboard. There are several levels of difficulty: for a beginner, for a beginner (knowing the basics), and for advanced users.

It is possible to conduct testing to assess your level of recruitment. By the way, the program implements statistics, which you can open at any time and watch your progress in learning (in the statistics you will find your mistakes, your typing speed, class time, etc.).



2016-05-22 12_50_01-iqwer

Well, the last simulator on which I wanted to stop today is the iQwer. The main distinguishing feature from others is its free-of-charge and focus on results. As the developers promise, after a few hours of training you will be able to type in spite of the keyboard (though not so fast, but already blindly)!

The simulator uses its own algorithm, which gradually and imperceptibly increases the speed with which you need to type characters from the keyboard. By the way, the statistics of the speed and the number of errors are available in the upper part of the window (in the screenshot above).

That's all for today, for the additions – special thanks. Good luck!

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