How to increase internet speed?

how-to-increase-internet-speed Good day.

Phew … the question that I want to raise in this article is probably one of the most popular, because a lot of users are unhappy with the Internet speed. In addition, if you believe the advertisements and promises that can be seen on many sites – by purchasing their program, the Internet speed will increase several times …

In fact, it is not! The maximum gain is 10-20% (and even then, this is the best case). In this article, I want to give the best (in my humble opinion) recommendations that will really help to slightly increase the speed of the Internet (along the way to dispel some myths).

How to increase internet speed: tips and tricks

Tips and tricks are relevant for modern operating systems Windows 7, 8, 10 (in Windows XP some recommendations cannot be applied).

If you want to increase the internet speed on your phone, I advise you to read the article 10 Ways to Increase the Internet Speed ​​on Your Phone by Loleknbolek.

1) Setting the speed limit for Internet access

Most users do not even know that Windows, by default, limits the bandwidth of the Internet connection by 20%. Because of this, as a rule, your channel is not used for the so-called 'full power'. It is recommended to change this setting first if you are unhappy with your speed.

In Windows 7: open the START menu and write gpedit.msc in the run menu.

In Windows 8: press the Win + R button combination and enter the same command gpedit.msc (then press the Enter button, see Fig. 1).

Important! Some versions Windows 7 do not have a group policy editor, so when you run gpedit.msc you will get an error: 'Cannot find “gpedit.msc”. Please check if the name is correct and try again. ' To be able to edit these settings, you need to install this editor. More details about this can be found, for example, here:

Figure:  1 Opening gpedit.msc

Figure: 1 Opening gpedit.msc

In the window that opens, go to the tab: Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Network / QoS Packet Scheduler / Limit Reserved Bandwidth (you should see a window as in Fig. 2).

In the bandwidth limitation window, move the slider to the 'Enabled' mode and enter the limitation: '0'. Save the settings (you can restart your computer for reliability).

1-edit group policies - limit to 0

Figure: 2 editing group policies …

By the way, you also need to check if the checkbox in your network connection opposite the item 'QOS Package Scheduler' is enabled. To do this, open the OS control panel Windows and go to the 'Network and Sharing Center' tab (see Fig. 3).

2-setting up network connection

Figure: 3 Control panel Windows 8 (view: large icons).

Next, click on the link 'Change advanced sharing settings', in the list of network adapters, select the one through which the connection goes (if you have the Internet via Wi-Fi – select the adapter that says 'Wireless connection' if the Internet cable is connected to the network card (so called 'twisted pair') – select Ethernet) and go to its properties.

In the properties, check if there is a check mark opposite the item 'QOS Package Scheduler' – if it is not there, put and save the settings (it is advisable to restart the PC).

2-network control center - connection setup

Figure: 4 Setting up a network connection

2) Setting the speed limit in programs

The second point, which I quite often come across with such questions, is the speed limit in programs (sometimes it is not even the user who configures them this way, but for example the default setting …).

Of course, I will not analyze all programs (in which many are not happy with the speed), but I will take one common one – Utorrent (by the way, from experience I can say that most users are unhappy with the speed in it).

In the tray next to the clock, click (with the right mouse button) on the Utorrent icon and in the menu see: what kind of reception limit you have. For maximum speed, select the 'Unlimited' mode.

4-limitation of reception in utorrent

Figure: 5 speed limit in Utorrent

In addition, in the settings of Utorrent there is a possibility to limit the speed, when you reach a certain limit while downloading information. You need to check this tab too (maybe your program came with pre-installed settings when you downloaded it)!

Figure:  6 Bandwidth - traffic limit

Figure: 6 traffic limit

An important point. Download speed in Utorrent (and in other programs as well) can be slow due to hard disk brakes … when the hard disk is loaded, Utorrent resets the speed informing you about it (you need to look at the bottom of the program window). You can read more about this in my article:

3) What is the network loaded with?

Sometimes some programs that work actively with the Internet are hidden from the user: they download updates, send various kinds of statistics, etc. In cases where you are dissatisfied with the speed of the Internet, I recommend checking what and what programs are loaded with the access channel …

For example, in Task Manager Windows 8 (press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open it) you can sort programs in order of network load. Those programs that you do not need – just close.

5-viewing programs working with the network

Figure: 7 viewing programs working with the network …

4) The problem is in the server from which you download the file …

Very often the problem of low speed is associated with the site, or rather with the server on which it is located. The fact is that even if everything is in order with your network, tens and hundreds of users can download information from the server on which the file is located, and it is natural that the speed for each will be small.

The option in this case is simple: check the download speed of the file from another site / server. Moreover, most of the files can be found on many sites on the net.

5) Using turbo mode in browsers

In cases when your online video slows down or the pages load for a long time, turbo mode can be an excellent solution! Only some browsers support it, for example, Opera and Yandex browser.

turbo mode in opera

Figure: 8 Enabling Turbo Mode in Opera Browser

What else could be the reasons for the low speed of the Internet …


If you have access to the Internet through a router, it is possible that it simply does not 'pull'. The fact is that some inexpensive models simply cannot cope with high speed and automatically cut it. Also, the problem may be in the remoteness of the device from the router (if the connection is via Wi-Fi) / For more information about this:

By the way, sometimes a banal reboot of the router helps.

Internet service provider

Perhaps the speed depends on it more than on everything else. For a start, it would be nice to check the speed of Internet access, whether it corresponds to the declared tariff of the Internet provider:

In addition, all Internet providers indicate the DO prefix in front of any of the tariffs – i.e. none of them guarantees the maximum speed of their tariff.

By the way, pay attention to one more thing: the download speed of the program on the PC is shown in MB / s, and the speed of access to Internet providers is indicated in Mbit / s. The difference between the values ​​is an order of magnitude (about 8 times)! Those. if you are connected to the Internet at a speed of 10 Mbps, then the maximum download speed for you is approximately equal to 1 Mb / sec.

Most often, if the problem is connected with the provider, the speed drops in the evening hours – when a lot of users start using the Internet and everyone does not have enough bandwidth.

Computer 'brakes'

Very often it is not the Internet that slows down (as it turns out in the parsing process), but the computer itself. But many users mistakenly believe that the reason is the Internet …

I recommend cleaning and optimizing Windows, setting up services accordingly, etc. This topic is quite extensive, check out one of my articles: uskorit-windows /

Also, problems can be associated with a high load on the CPU (central processing unit), moreover, in the task manager, processes that load the CPU may not be shown at all! More details:

That's all for me, good luck and high speed to everyone ..!

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