How to flip the screen on a laptop, computer monitor

how-to-flip-the-monitor-screen Good day.

This article appeared thanks to one holiday on which several people had to be allowed to play games on my laptop (it's not for nothing that they say a PC is a personal computer …). I don’t know what they pressed there, but after 15-20 minutes I was informed that the image on the monitor screen had turned upside down. I had to correct (and at the same time keep some points in memory for this article).

By the way, I think that this can happen under other circumstances – for example, a cat can accidentally press keys; children with active and sharp keystrokes in a computer game; when the computer is infected with a virus or faulty programs.

And so, let's start in order …

1. Hot keys

To quickly rotate the image on computers and laptops, 'hot' keys are provided (a combination of buttons, in which the image on the screen will rotate within a couple of seconds).

CTRL + ALT + Up arrow – rotate the image on the monitor screen to its normal position. By the way, these quick combinations of buttons can be disabled in the driver settings on your computer (or, you may not have them at all. More on this later in the article …).

the image-on-screen-rotated

The image on the laptop screen was rotated thanks to the keyboard shortcuts.

2. Driver configuration

To enter the driver settings, pay attention to the taskbar Windows: in the lower right corner, next to the clock, there should be an icon of the installed software for your video card (the most popular: Intel HD, AMD Radeon , NVidia). The icon should be in 99.9% of cases (if it is not there, it is possible that you have universal drivers installed, which are installed by the OS itself Windows 7 / 8 (the so-called auto-installation)). Also, the video card control panel can be the 'Start' menu.

If there is no icon, I recommend updating the drivers from the manufacturer's website, or using one of the programs from this article:


Open the NVIDIA Control Panel via the tray icon (next to the clock).

nvidia enter settings

nvidia enter the video card driver settings.

Next, go to the 'Display' section, then open the 'Rotate display' tab (the column with sections is on the left). Then simply select the display orientation: landscape, portrait, landscape folded, portrait folded. After that, press the apply button and the image on the screen will rotate (by the way, you will then need to confirm the changes again within 15 seconds – if you do not confirm, the settings will return to the previous ones. Manufacturers specifically implement a similar procedure in case you stop seeing the image on the monitor after the entered settings).

nvidia display rotation selection

AMD Radeon

Rotating an image in AMD Radeon is also quite simple: you need to open the video card control panel, then go to the 'Display Manager' section, and then select the display rotation option: for example, 'Standard landscape 0 gr.'.

By the way, some of the names of the settings sections and their location may be slightly different: depending on the version of the drivers that you install!

rotate image - amd radeon

Intel HD

Rapidly gaining popularity video cards. I myself use this one at work (Intel HD 4400) and am very satisfied: it does not get warm, provides a good picture, is fast enough (at least old games up to 2012-2013 work well on it), and in the settings The drivers of this video card, by default, include hotkeys for rotating the image on the laptop monitor (Ctrl + Alt + arrows)!

To go to the INTEL HD settings, you can also use the icon 2015-05-02 08_47_41- in the tray (see screenshot below).

intel HD - enter settings 2015-05-02 08_13_01-

Intel HD – go to settings of graphic characteristics.

Next, the HD graphics control panel Intel will open: in the 'Display' section, you can just rotate the screen on the computer monitor.

2015-05-02 08_13_49 - Intel (R) Graphics Control Panel

3. How to flip the screen if the screen does not rotate …

laptop-turned over ...

Maybe this …

1) Firstly, the drivers may have gotten 'crooked' or installed some kind of 'beta' (and not the most successful) drivers. I recommend downloading another version of the drivers from the manufacturer's website and installing them for testing. In any case, when you change the settings in the drivers, the picture on the monitor should change (sometimes this does not happen due to 'crooked' drivers or the presence of viruses …). – article about updating and searching for drivers.

2) Secondly, I recommend checking the task manager: are there any suspicious processes (see more details about them here: Some unfamiliar processes can be closed by observing the reaction of the picture on the monitor.

By the way, many novice programmers like to make small 'teaser' programs: which can rotate the picture on the monitor, open windows, banners, etc.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc – open the task manager in Windows 7, 8.

2015-05-02 08_56_20-Task Manager Windows

By the way, you can also try to boot your computer in safe mode ( Surely, the picture on the monitor will be in the normal 'orientation' …

3) And the last …

It will not be superfluous to conduct a full scan of your computer for viruses. It is possible that your PC is infected with some kind of adware that, when trying to insert ads, unsuccessfully changed the resolution or knocked down the graphics card settings.

Popular antiviruses for PC protection:


By the way, in some cases it is even convenient to rotate the screen: for example, you are viewing photos, and some of them are taken vertically – you press the hotkeys and look further …

Good luck!

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