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search for doubles Hello.

The topic of doubles has long haunted many people: some want to be like some kind of star, others just dream of finding a person who looks like themselves, while others just became interested in this just by chance. As a rule, these people (especially if they are not very good at computer ) unites one thing: they got to some site that promises to find their double, sent an SMS (most often the service did not even say that it would withdraw money, but simply under the guise of a check) – and as a result, instead of the found double, they saw a message that the search had been made , no double was found (and a certain amount of money was withdrawn from the phone …).

In this short article I want to tell you a few simple (in my opinion) ways to find your double from a photo, without any trick and loss of money. And so, let's get started …

What do you need to find a double?

1. A computer with an Internet connection (is that obvious?).

2. A photograph of the person for whom you are going to look for doubles. It is best if it is an ordinary photo without processing by different editors (photoshop, etc.). The most important thing is that the person captured in the photo looks directly at you, so that the face is not turned to the side or down (the accuracy of the search depends on this). Yes, one more detail, it is desirable that the background in the picture be some kind of neutral (white, gray, etc.). A full-length photograph is not needed – just a face is enough.

Option number 1 – search for doubles among celebrities

2015-11-01 12_22_57-pictriev


The site is the first one worth paying attention to. It's very easy to use:

  1. go to the website (link above) and click the 'Upload image' button;
  2. then choose your prepared photo;
  3. then the service thinks for 5-10 seconds. – and gives you the results: the age of the person in the photo, his gender, and famous people the photo looks like (by the way, the percentage of similarity is calculated automatically). The service is especially useful for those people who want to be like someone else – they changed their image a little, took a picture, uploaded a photo and looked in which direction the percentage of similarity changed.

2015-11-01 12_12_23-pictriev, face search engine

Figure: 1.pictriev – search for doubles in a male photo (photo looks like Phoenix Joaquin, 8% similarity)

By the way, the service (in my opinion) works better with female photos. The service almost accurately determined the gender and age of a person. The woman in the photo is most similar to Phoenix Edwige (26% similarity).

Figure:  2. Search for female doubles

Figure: 2. Search for female doubles

Option number 2 – search for a double through search engines

This method will live as long as search engines live (well, or until they block the option to search for pictures, based on a picture (sorry for the tautology)).

In addition, the method will yield more and more accurate results every year (as search engine algorithms develop). There are a lot of search engines, I will give a short instruction on how to search in Google by a photo.

1. First, go to the site and open a search by images (see Fig. 3).

2015-11-01 12_27_20-Google

Figure: 3. Google Image Search

2. Further in the search line, pay attention to the icon with a camera – this is a search by picture. Choose this opportunity.

Figure:  4. Google Pictures

Figure: 4. Google Pictures

3. Then upload your photo and Google searches for similar photos.

Figure:  5. Loading an image

Figure: 5. Loading an image

As a result, we see that the woman in the photo looks like Sofia Vergara (in the results found there will be a lot of photos similar to yours).

Figure:  6. Search in Google for similar pictures

Figure: 6. Search in Google for similar pictures

By the way, in a similar way, you can find similar people in Yandex, and indeed any other search engines that can search by photo. Can you imagine what scope for testing? What if a new search engine comes out tomorrow or new, more advanced algorithms appear ?! Therefore, this method is the most reliable and promising …

Where else can you look?

1.http: // – This site has a celebrity doppelganger. Before searching, you need to register. While it works for free, it is possible to install an application for a mobile phone.

2. – a site with a huge number of photos. If you sign up for it and upload a photo, you can scan it for similar people.

3. is a good site for looking for doubles, but recently it is often unavailable. Maybe the developers have abandoned it?


This concludes the article. To be honest, I have never been specially interested in and deeply studied this topic, therefore, I will be very grateful for comments and constructive additions.

And the last thing – do not get fooled by various promises about finding similar people for SMS – in 90% of cases this is a hoax, unfortunately …

Good luck?

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